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Jones Sugar Free Black Cherry Soda

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Jones Sugar Free Black Cherry SodaLadies and Gentlemen this is a great soda! If you are a fan of cherry sodas then you owe it to yourself to find a bottle or can as quickly as possible and join The Glucoholic in hailing this as one of the best sugar free sodas of all time. The black cherry taste is strong, but not overwhelming or bitter. The soda also has a “sweetness minus aftertaste” combination that seems to be the real benefit of using Splenda as a sweetener.

Jones Soda has garnered a bit of a cult following in its nearly twenty years, and with flavors like this there should be no question why. The customer supplied pictures that grace the labels of Jones Sodas make each new case an adventure, and they even have a website where you can order custom labeled sodas for yourself! Who knows, maybe The Glucoholic will get a custom branded Sugar Free Black Cherry Soda bottle for himself?

Jones Soda also currently offers three other sugar free bottled flavors, and two other sugar free flavors in cans. The Glucoholic can’t wait to try them out.

The most notable nutrition information for Jones Sugar Free Black Cherry Soda includes no caffeine, 70mg of Sodium, and Splenda.

6 Responses to “Jones Sugar Free Black Cherry Soda”

  1. Joanne Davis

    Hi There

    I have looked everywhere for this flavour and have had no luck finding it could you let me know how I could or where I could buy this kind.


  2. Min

    It is available at some Albertson Grocery Stores. I know for sure it is available in the can at an Alberton’s near Clearwater, Fl. I am trying to find it somewhere closer to where I live in Georgia, but no luck so far.

  3. caro

    I can only find it at one Super Wal-mart (there are 3 in my immediate vicinity) in central IL. It’s not in the soda aise, rather the bottled water aisle.

  4. Kathy

    I found my fav drink! BUT the Crest store in OK. only now has the 8 pack boxes, WTC, I mean it’s now less but more expensive per can, which was high anyway…argh…now the search is on to find another store that sells the 12 pack..sigh

  5. Baller

    What happened to all of the Jones Sugar Free flavors. All I see is some Zilch sodas that look the same, except there’s no Root Beer or Green Apple. What happened?

  6. Mike

    I have not been able to find any retail outlet for Sugar Free Black Cherry in my vicinity Massillon/Canton OH….any help in locating a source would be appreciated.

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