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Battle of the Super Target Market Pantry Brand Flavored Water Beverages

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Battle of the Super Target Market Pantry Brand Flavored Water BeveragesWhew! That title almost did The Glucoholic in. Folks I’m really excited about this review. Not only does it kick off our “Battle Of” series, but it praises three pretty special little drinks. To anthropologists Super Target comes right after fire and the wheel. Super Target’s Market Pantry brand is one of the best store brands out there today, and thankfully their buyers chose to add water beverages to that lineup. Ironically, don’t bother looking at the Target website if you want to find out about any of the Market Pantry products. If anyone from Target happens to be a reader, pass the word that lots of consumers like to preshop before hitting the stores.

The three drinks we’ll be reviewing are cherry limeade, kiwi strawberry, and lemonade. Before we go any further let The Glucoholic say that all three were worthy of the title, and that it was a pleasure to review them. All three are almost identical nutritionally so a contest on taste alone is certainly warranted. Each bottle comes with almost seventeen fluid ounces of water beverage, and there are four bottles to a pack. Each bottle contains 70mg of sodium and practically nothing else. The kiwi strawberry flavor contains malic acid and the other two contain citric acid. All three are flavored with sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

Our third place finisher is the kiwi strawberry flavor. It’s hard to give a drink that performs this well last place, but this is a battle after all. I guess the only complaint The Glucoholic has is that it seems to be hard to tell which is the strongest of the flavors between the kiwi and the strawberry.

Second place goes to the lemonade flavor. The Glucoholic was quite impressed with how much this drink tasted like real, freshly made lemonade. So many two liter bottles of low sugar lemonade are on the market right now and The Glucoholic really can’t seem to be able to tell the difference between any of them. This water beverage is something different. For those who seem to be especially sensitive to the taste of sodium, this drink probably hinted of abundant salt more than either of the other contestants.

And the winner is the cherry limeade! The Glucoholic is embarrassed to admit that this drink won hands down simply because it tastes exactly like those awesome freezer pops we used to get at the grocery store as kids. But this time it’s sugar free baby!

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