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Sugar Free Drinks - Sprite ZeroNot reaching potential. The Glucoholic’s parents heard this often around report card time so he knows a little something about the concept. Sprite Zero’s report card doesn’t sound much better. Let’s start with the basics. Sprite Zero contains zero of almost everything known to man, except for 25mg of sodium. It’s sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium. This combination makes the drink much more tolerable than diet sodas of yesteryear, and the original Sprite flavor is evident. What cannot be escaped is the unrelenting, unemotional, uncaring aftertaste of that aspartame. Even cut with acesulfame potassium the bitterness is still there.

Here’s where The Glucoholic gets to do some report card filling out of his own. Coca-Cola, this drink could have been a home run. Simply choosing to sweeten it with Splenda would probably have yielded a soft drink indistinguishable from it’s naturally sweetened sister. As driven, this drink is a potential A+ student doing B- work.

But we can’t stop the evaluation here. The Glucoholic made the mistake of attempting to find out anything about Sprite Zero on the Coca-Cola website (not linked on principle). We thought we had seen the pinnacle of hideous websites when MySpace hit the internets, but the Coke website is the new winner. After plenty of pop-ups, IE only features, and ignored tangents for music, social networking, and rewards programs we finally came to the conclusion that there just isn’t any information on the website about their actual products. How sad.

The most ironic stop on the website journey was finding some Cherry Coke swag to place on your MySpace page. You know, it’s really like seeing crack dealers putting up crack billboards on crack houses. Is it that difficult to keep kids loyal to something they are addicted to?

15 Responses to “Sprite Zero”

  1. Linda A. LaCroix

    Willston Vermont
    1.4.09- temp approx 10 degrees
    getting ready for bed i heard a huge
    ‘BANG ‘! sounded like a shotgun going off !
    i looked out onto the closed-in
    back porch looked like glass shattered every which way , my 1st thought was someone shot out one of the windows!!!!!! upon closer examination- i found a 2ltr bottle of Sprite Zero had EXPLODED ! litterally EXPLODED ! chunks of frozen Sprite Zero covered the walls, ceiling, windows, floor ! what a mess !!!! is there some ingredient that would be ‘contents under pressure’? phew what a scarry moment ! i don’t drink the ‘zero’, but do daily drink regular SPRITE, and have for years …. never had this happen w/a bottle of sprite- unless the 2ltr bottle when frozen – explodes?! please advise, THANKS
    good thing no one / or my pets were out on that porch when the bottle exploded ~

  2. Josh

    Same thing happened with a dude at work. He put a sixpack in the freezer to make it “get cold faster” and a few hours later – monster explosion.

  3. Carl S.

    Actually, it’s got less aftertaste if you mix it with other drinks, like the diet lemonades. I think it’s better than Diet Sierra Mist.

  4. David

    I had a Sprite Zero today and have to say it is by far the “best” zero calorie drink I have tried. Coke Zero and Cherry Coke Zero are ok but they have an after taste (much better than Diet COke or Diet Pepsi). However, Sprite Zero actually tasted better than the original and didn’t have an after taste.

  5. PO

    Yesterday, I tasted Sprite Zero and really liked it! It has a slight bitter aftertaste but taste almost as good as the original regular Sprite. It does have almost the same amount of sodium as a regular soda drink but no calories or caffeine. Really good!!

  6. Tony

    Had a bottle that we were keeping on the dock in our garage explode when the temp was around 0 degrees F. It sounded like a shot. The bottle was warped and twisted beyond recognition. The top of the bottle and the cap were 10 feet away. Other bottles and a six pack of beer were blown to the floor. The wrapper was stuck on a box of coke and had hit so hard that it punctured it. Frozen Sprite zero nuggets were everywhere. Be careful if you freeze this stuff. I think I could have been hurt had I been near the explosion.

  7. lou howard

    I LOVE Sprite Zero, will not drink anything else now. I need to know why there seems to be a shortage of the 20 oz. bottles. I can only find them at some Family Dollar stores but not always there either. I can buy the cans but the bottle is much more convient for taking to work.

  8. Pauline Engle

    Finally when i find something i like you take it away. I’ve developed a real liking to Sprite Zero and now can’t find it in the 20 oz or less bottles. The cans go flat if i don’t drink the whole thing. 2 Liter is too big. Bring them back please. I’m having withdrawals.

  9. keith fuller

    where can we find sprite zero? love it

  10. donald payne

    When a liquid freezes and turns solid it actually takes up more space. It being in a bottle that hasn’t had any pressure released will make it explode cause there’s no where for the extra gas in the bottle to go.

  11. Koko MacKenzie

    I love Sprite Zero. It so so awesome I can’t get over it. Bought a 12 pack of it a couple days ago. First time trying it. No caffeine or sugar but tastes pretty refreshing. I like the bubbles and lemon-lime flavorings. mmmmm.

  12. john miller

    The secret exploding substance at low temperature is…… WATER! It is the major ingredient and when below freezing temperatures exist it….. FREEZES! Frozen water expands and destroys it’s container.

    Take a science class you idiots.

  13. Rich

    I love sprite zero, taste better thane regular sprite, and I cant taste a aftertaste like most diet soda’s. I am like Pauline and lou, cant find it in the bottles anywhere.

  14. Mike

    I like Sprite Zero more than other diet drinks – has a fresh clean taste. The problem is that it’s very difficult to find – local Subway has it but not at any convenience stores. Also prefer bottles. I tried to write a comment on Coke’s admittedly horrible website, but didn’t get a response. How can a big succesful company like Coca Cola be so stupid not to get this product into stores – and also not PROMOTE it??

  15. Frank Bowers, FIC. Austin, TX 100% DAV, FIC

    I am curious as to why Sprite zero has changed it formula from Sodium 25 mg in the silver labeled bottles to Sodium 50 mg. in the 16.9 Fl Oz bottles. The new one is with a blue label and it taste different. I guess us diabetics will be changing to the Seven Up Diet with only 30 mg of Sodium.
    BTW I drink them at room temperature and have no problem with them at that temperature.
    It like coke and dr pepper diet does not leave the taste of poop in my mouth.

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