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Sugar Free LifeSavers

Sunday, September 30th, 2007
Low Carb Snacks, Sugar Free Snacks

Sugar Free LifeSaversEver had that not-so-fresh feeling? Ever wondered if your breath could stop a bull elephant in it’s tracks? Everyone knows that when you’re in a situation like the ones I just mentioned a LifeSavers candy can be a life saver. Sugar Free LifeSavers carry on that mission, but in a healthier way. These little power-ups come in a 2.75 ounce bag of individually wrapped candies that include the flavors cherry, watermelon, raspberry, pineapple, and orange. The taste is indistinguishable from regular LifeSavers.

Serving size is four candies, but as with regular LifeSavers, you’ll probably only need one to satisfy your need. A serving of four would contain 30 calories, and 14 grams of carbohydrate, of which 13 grams are sugar alcohols, so don’t overdo it. Sugar Free LifeSavers are sweetened with Isomalt and sucralose. The Glucoholic is noticing that this combination of sweeteners is particularly good for candies!

Hershey’s Sugar Free Syrup

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
Low Carb Foods, Sugar Free Foods

Hershey’s Sugar Free SyrupWho doesn’t like an occasional bowl of ice cream? A real snacking classic can be carried to new heights by some tasty chocolate syrup. Unfortunately, finding either that are diabetic or low carb friendly can be a challenge. If you’ve managed to find some ice cream you can live with, and you prefer a more dark chocolate taste, then Hershey’s Sugar Free Syrup is worth a try. If you’re craving the sweet, creamy texture and taste of hot fudge this might not be the topping for your ice cream. Most everyone will like it for mixing with milk for tasty chocolate milk.

Each serving is only two tablespoons, which is not a lot if you really like to cover your ice cream. With four out of five carbohydrates coming from sugar alcohol you better go easy on it. There’s a warning on the label. The good news is that there’s zero of everything else except 15 calories, 50mg of sodium, and a trace amount of a few vitamins and minerals. Hershey’s Sugar Free Syrup is sweetened with acesulfame potassium and sucralose.

Sioux City Diet Sarsaparilla

Thursday, September 20th, 2007
Low Carb Drinks, Sugar Free Drinks

Sioux City Diet SarsaparillaWhat a treasure! The Glucoholic was strolling through a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store recently and came across a few bottles of Sioux City Diet Sarsaparilla. Always looking to try out a new diabetic friendly soda, he picked up a bottle. And what a bottle it is – beautiful amber glass with raised “Sioux City” lettering on the shoulder and a graphic of a real life rootin’ tootin’ cowboy coming out of a saloon. It’s impossible to tell if he’s in Iowa or South Dakota, but that doesn’t really matter because the bottle does tell you that you’re looking at “The Granddaddy Of All Root Beers.” Little did The Glucoholic know that trying to find another bottle of Sioux City Diet Sarsaparilla would become “The Granddaddy Of All Mysteries.”

Heading to the oracle of all obscure information, the Internets, we found little information about this soda. Sioux City sodas are distributed by White Rock Products Corp. of Whitestone NY, and lots of information about their traditional products like root beer, ginger beer, and cream soda is available. White Rock’s website does not even mention the diet version of their sarsaparilla. This strikes fear in The Glucoholic’s heart because of one simple fact. This sarsaparilla tastes awesome! The fear that this product is no longer available is almost too much to bear. The slight vanilla hint and the sweetness and lack of bitterness provided by White Rock’s wise choice to use Splenda makes this one of the best diet sodas we’ve ever tasted.

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Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Smooth & Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip Hard Candy

Saturday, September 15th, 2007
Low Carb Snacks, Sugar Free Snacks

Baskin Robbins Sugar Free Smooth & Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip Hard CandyYou’ll probably burn some serious glucose just getting through the full name of these candies, but don’t be looking to replenish it by actually eating them! The Glucoholic was a bit skeptical that these individually wrapped candies would not be smooth, creamy, minty, or chocolaty, but he was pleasantly surprised. For once the marketing phrases for a product pretty much match the actual taste perfectly. They look pretty cool too, evenly divided between an emerald side and a milk chocolate brown side. Be careful with these candies around children. One could easily choke on a candy this size.

It’s hard to describe exactly how, but each candy immediately tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream – but in a more mellow, dare we say, smooth and creamy way. They’re almost an improvement on mint chocolate chip ice cream. If you’re one of those people who likes to savor the hard candies you will be pleasantly surprised at how long the candy lasts, and after it’s completely dissolved, how long the mint flavor lingers.

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Battle of the Sugar Free Lemonades

Monday, September 10th, 2007
Low Carb Drinks, Sugar Free Drinks

Fighting out of the yellow corner, Tropicana Sugar Free Lemonade. Fighting out of the, errr, other yellow corner, Minute Maid Light Lemonade. This one’s going to be a thriller folks. Let’s take a look at their measurements:

Tropicana Minute Maid
Serving Size 8 ounces 8 ounces
Calories 5 5
Juice 3% 3%
Sodium 65mg 80mg
Carbs <1 gram 1 gram
Vitamin C 10% of RDA 0% of RDA
Caffeine None None
Carbonation None None
Sweeteners Aspartame & acesulfame potassium Aspartame, acesulfame potassium, & sucralose
Yellow #5 #5
Brand Owner Pepsi Coke
Served at Wendy’s No Yes

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