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Sioux City Diet Sarsaparilla

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Sioux City Diet SarsaparillaWhat a treasure! The Glucoholic was strolling through a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store recently and came across a few bottles of Sioux City Diet Sarsaparilla. Always looking to try out a new diabetic friendly soda, he picked up a bottle. And what a bottle it is – beautiful amber glass with raised “Sioux City” lettering on the shoulder and a graphic of a real life rootin’ tootin’ cowboy coming out of a saloon. It’s impossible to tell if he’s in Iowa or South Dakota, but that doesn’t really matter because the bottle does tell you that you’re looking at “The Granddaddy Of All Root Beers.” Little did The Glucoholic know that trying to find another bottle of Sioux City Diet Sarsaparilla would become “The Granddaddy Of All Mysteries.”

Heading to the oracle of all obscure information, the Internets, we found little information about this soda. Sioux City sodas are distributed by White Rock Products Corp. of Whitestone NY, and lots of information about their traditional products like root beer, ginger beer, and cream soda is available. White Rock’s website does not even mention the diet version of their sarsaparilla. This strikes fear in The Glucoholic’s heart because of one simple fact. This sarsaparilla tastes awesome! The fear that this product is no longer available is almost too much to bear. The slight vanilla hint and the sweetness and lack of bitterness provided by White Rock’s wise choice to use Splenda makes this one of the best diet sodas we’ve ever tasted.

Each bottle contains twelve ounces of diet sarsaparilla. Serving size is one bottle and that will get you zero calories, zero caffeine, zero fat, zero carbs, and only 20mg of sodium. White Rock uses a familiar blend of Splenda and acesulfame potassium for sweetening this wonderful soda.

After repeated failed attempts to contact White Rock to inquire about availability of Sioux City Diet Sarsaparilla we thought we would ask if any of our loyal readers have any information about this product. Please contact us if you do. We would love to hear from you, and to have the opportunity to spread the word about this great diet soda!

2 Responses to “Sioux City Diet Sarsaparilla”

  1. Jenna

    Try here! I saw sasparilla yesterday at my local wine/beverage store and I just don’t drink regular soda because of the calorie content. I am huge fan of energy drinks as well as root beer, cream soda, and sasparilla. Pretty much any other brown soda’s are no bueno for me (especially because to my dismay, finding strawberry or grape soda that tastes as good as Welch’s 180 calorie per 12 ounce serving does not exist, unless you buy diet Hansens which is equivalent to flavored sparkling water)

    Anyhow, I did my own online research just because I wasn’t sure that *diet* sasparilla existed! The White Rock website does mention and picture it but there is no information on the soda. Follow the link above to buy it for $.99 a bottle! Yum!! I can’t wait to try it!

    Also, if you go to your local specialty beverage store (Cracker Barrel, BevMo) sometimes they will order and stock it if they know there is an interest in it. I’d also try to lodge those requests with boutiquey grocery stores such as The Nugget or Whole Foods

  2. Millie Johnson

    We went to Nelsonville, Ohio to ride the train August 14, 2010. They were selling the Sioux City Sarsaparilla there. I ask the lady about it. She said to go to the internet. It is available there for 1.50 a bottle.

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