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José Olé Beef & Cheese Mini Tacos

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Jose Ole Beef and Cheese Mini Tacos“Taste the Fiesta!” That’s what the man on the box says, and that’s just what you get to do when you enjoy these low carb treats. You’re probably thinking “Hey The Glucoholic, how can tacos be good for you?” Well, they’re not salmon and broccoli, but they’re not a Snickers bar either. Let’s take a closer look.

José Olé Beef & Cheese Mini Tacos are frozen taco snacks. We’re always skeptical of frozen foods so we were delighted to find that these little snacks taste great, and even pack a spicy little punch. They’re great for snacking or entertaining.

The back of the box contains heating instructions for conventional ovens, microwaves, and frying. We tested mini tacos heated in the microwave and in a conventional oven. The microwave is obviously the most convenient method for heating, but the box does mention that the conventional oven is the best option. Our testing certainly showed this. We should be very clear – the tacos heated in the microwave tasted fine, but the shell was a little soft and mushy, like many frozen microwave products tend to be. The tacos warmed in the conventional oven were crispier and drier, and provided more of that familiar taco crunch.

A serving consists of four mini tacos. Each serving contains 200 calories, 11 grams of fat, 20mg of cholesterol, 350mg of sodium, 7 grams of protein, and 16 grams of digestible carbohydrate. Four tacos will also provide eight percent of the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin A and ten percent for Calcium. Again, not the healthiest of snacks, but fairly low in carbs and really fun and tasty. Four mini tacos are actually slightly more food than a Taco Bell Taco, but actually have less sodium and cholesterol. So if you’re looking for a good party snack or just want to try something different, give these guys a try!

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  1. Joe Redd

    These are great, but where can I purchase them in Charleston, WV area?

  2. Shawna

    Thank you! My friend was in her break room at work and had me on the phone. She kept talking about mini tacos and they sounded so good. I doubted I could find what she was talking about online very easily but this did it! Thank u for taking the time to do this.

  3. Billie

    love these mini tacos. Where can I buy them in Bozeman Montana?

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