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Reese’s 100 Calorie Peanut Butter Wafer Bars

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Reeseā€™s 100 Calorie Peanut Butter Wafer BarsWe all learn lessons every day. Today’s lesson is “read nutrition labels.” Reese’s 100 Calorie Peanut Butter Wafer Bars are a new snack competing in the crowded “100 Calorie” snack market. It seems as if this segment of the snack market has exploded in the past year; but beware – as we found out, low calorie does not mean low sugar.

For a person on a calorie restricted diet only, these wafers would be a delicious snack. They taste great. The wafer is sweet and crunchy, and the addition of the familiar peanut butter and Hershey’s chocolate make this snack absolutely delightful. The taste is exactly what you would expect from a Reese’s product.

The Glucoholic should have been more attentive when selecting this product however. Out of 18 grams of snack, we’re looking at 11 grams of carbohydrate, of which 8 grams are sugars. This did provide a moderate blood glucose spike for The Glucoholic, which puts this wonderfully tasty snack on the no-no list. Here’s to hoping for a Splenda sweetened version of these wafers in the future!

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