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Splenda Minis


Splenda MinisAre you surprised at how many restaurants and shops still do not provide Splenda as a sugar alternative? Or maybe you’re stuck in an office where they’re too cheap to buy Splenda for the break room. It can be frustrating to find a product you rely on heavily and then you’re suddenly without it. The Glucoholic tried to address this problem by carrying Splenda packets around in his pocket. This becomes impractical if you’re on the road or have to dine out several meals in a row. Packets can become bulky if you carry lots of them, and you don’t want to expose them to a great deal of moisture.

Enter Splenda Minis – an idea long overdue. This little plastic container is great. It contains concentrated Splenda tablets that dissolve as easily as regular Splenda. Each tablet is about half the sweetness of a packet of Splenda sweetener, and the case comes with a convenient button that makes dispensing a single tablet a breeze! The smallest container holds 100 tablets, so that’s like carrying around 50 packets of Splenda! Thank you to the folks at Splenda for creating another fantastic product. We’re proud to recommend it.

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  1. Sue

    Where in Poway, CA. or Oroville, CA can you buy mini pocket packs of Splenda?

  2. Sue

    where can you buy mini?

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