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Boylan Diet Root Beer

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Boylan Diet Root BeerThe first thing one notices about Boylan’s Diet Root Beer is the classic brown glass bottle. Raised letters and painted logos serve to remind the consumer that Boylan has been around for a while. Vintage bottles like these always add something to the experience of enjoying a root beer.

In the taste category we give Boylan a high score for its authentic root beer taste. We here at Glucoholic have always believed that root beer should have a little bite, not taste like an overly sweetened children’s cough syrup. This root beer has a sharp taste and is perfectly sweetened with sucralose. The first few sips almost hint of a slight aftertaste, like the mixture of sucralose is a little lean. By the end of the bottle it seems more like one of the other ingredients lingers to give that initial sensation. A pleasant surprise was that this eventually became one of the longest lingering root beer flavors of any root beer we’ve reviewed. We would say that it is certainly competitive with Stewart’s Diet Root Beer.

Each bottle contains 12 ounces of root beer. Each serving contains no calories or carbs, and only 35mg of sodium. Boylan’s Diet Root Beer is sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

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