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Sugar Free LifeSavers SorbetsOne of the most interesting sugar free snacks we’ve reviewed in a while is Sugar Free LifeSavers Sorbets. They come individually wrapped in cherry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors. The interesting part about these candies is that they are incredibly tart. So much so that we had difficulty telling the three flavors apart! We expected fruit flavors given the name of the product. However, the confusion over which flavor was which quickly gave way to disbelief at the amount of tart flavor these little guys provide. If you want that “fresh feeling” after a meal then we highly recommend picking up a bag and trying them out – they are not your usual after dinner mint.

Sugar Free LifeSavers Sorbets do qualify as a sugar free snack, but be careful to stay under the recommended serving size of 4 candies. They are sweetened with aspartame and 14 grams of sugar alcohol per serving. Overeating can lead to laxative effects. Normally we shy away from products sweetened with aspartame, but we’re glad we took a chance on this one. The powerful tartness covers up any bitterness that might have been noticed otherwise. Each serving contains 40 calories, and given the tart flavor we were pleasantly surprised to find 0 grams of sodium! Diabetics should manage portions and check blood sugars with all those sugar alcohols. The packaging lists the net carbs at 1 gram, but you’re more likely to see a net effect of about 8 grams of carbohydrate.

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