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Diet Dad’s Root Beer

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Diet Dad’s Root BeerWe’ve done quite a few sugar free root beer reviews here at In general we’ve found that diet root beers outclass their diet soda cousins when it comes to authenticity of taste. In fact, Jones Sugar Free Black Cherry Soda is the only soda we can think of that comes close to approximating it’s non-diet competitors to date. We’ve got another fine sugar free root beer to tell you about today. It’s Diet Dad’s Root Beer and it’s great!

Dad’s has a classic sweet, syrupy taste that doesn’t try too hard and we loved it for that. Dad’s chose to sweeten their diet root beer with sucralose and acesulfame potassium – a wise choice. It would be hard to find this level of sweetness with other sweeteners. Our test bottle had that wonderful fluffiness to the foam that makes you want to drop some low sugar ice cream in to make a float. Diet Dad’s contains zero of everything except 35mg of sodium. Two thumbs up for a no frills classic root beer!

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  1. Max Brown

    Diet Dad’s root beer is the best drink in th WORLD!!! Do you make Diet Bubble-Up.???

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