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Creme Savers Sugar Free Strawberry and Creme

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Creme Savers Sugar Free Strawberry and CremeThe folks at Wrigley’s appear to be getting the message. People want more sugar free snacks. We had the pleasure of reviewing Wrigley’s Creme Savers Sugar Free Strawberry & Creme hard candies recently, and we highly recommend them. From the moment you pop these little treats in your mouth you feel like you are eating a thousand calorie dessert. The blending of strawberry and creme is wonderful, and a bit creamier than average, giving the candy a heavier feeling that is very satisfying.

The candies come individually wrapped. Serving size is five candies, but we seriously doubt you will need five to feel satisfied. Each serving contains 45 calories, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 35mg of sodium, and about 7 grams of digestible carbohydrate. The product does have quite a bit of sugar alcohol, so the usual laxative effect warning is applicable.

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  1. Janet Kislia

    Where can I get these Candies? My husband gets all his medical care at our local VA hospital and he has become known as “the Candy Man” because he gives all the nurses, doctors, and volunteers creme savers on every visit. People love them and really look forward to getting them but our supply locally has dried up. Please tell me where I can get them even if I have to have them shipped to us. We live in Madison, Wisconsin – thank you – Janet Kislia

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