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Hansen’s Diet Tangerine Green Tea Soda

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Hansen’s Diet Tangerine Green Tea SodaWell it’s that time again. The time when The Glucoholic has to show his “fair and balanced” credentials and render a negative review. We don’t like doing it; but if we don’t, who will? In our constant efforts spanning the globe in search of great sugar free snacks, foods, and drinks we came across Hansen’s Diet Tangerine Green Tea Soda. The awesome can graphics impressed us, as did the nutritional information. We’re always hearing that green tea is the health drink equivalent of Blue Kryptonite, and this stuff is made with Splenda! What’s not to like?

Unfortunately, the taste. This stuff is harsh. Drinking it reminds you of your first impression of smokeless tobacco, only harsher. We’ve tasted some strong green teas before, and we were hoping that the tangerine would provide a pleasant distraction. Somehow it just seems to make it worse. If you are one of those people who loves green tea so much that you would still drink it if your only other option was to inherit a million dollars, then give it a shot. For the rest of you we humbly suggest finding another option.

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