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Battle of the Tava Zero Calorie Sparkling Beverages

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
Low Carb Drinks, Sugar Free Drinks

Tava Zero Calorie Sparkling BeverageContinuing our short break from sugar free snacks reviews, we’d like to introduce Tava Zero Calorie Sparkling Beverage. The folks at Pepsi have created three interesting flavors that we immediately marched into battle against each other; with you, our loyal readers, coming out the victors.

Tava Zero Calorie Sparkling Beverage has received some recent press because of Pepsi’s decision to market the product in a non-conventional way to a non-conventional soft drink demographic. Hubspot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog and The New York Times explain how Pepsi’s advertising consultants helped them craft a plan to market the product using new media instead of traditional outlets. The 35 to 49 year olds in the product’s target demographic are currently underserved by new media and might just prove to be a real win for Pepsi.

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Jones Sugar Free Root Beer

Saturday, April 19th, 2008
Low Carb Drinks, Sugar Free Drinks

Jones Sugar Free Root BeerI tell you, The Glucoholic has been waiting for this one. Since our earlier review of Jones Sugar Free Black Cherry Soda we’ve been “jonesing” for the opportunity to try the root beer. It was worth the wait. We could not find one thing we did not like about this root beer. It has very authentic taste, and does not suffer from the pervasive underuse of sweetener that other diet sodas exhibit. If you are a root beer lover you will enjoy this sugar free drink! We highly recommend finding a retailer and purchasing Jones Sugar Free Root Beer and seeing for yourself.

Just like the black cherry soda, there’s very little nutritional information to keep up with. The signature customer-contributed photographs take up more space on the label than the nutrition facts. There’s only 30mg of sodium in this one, and no caffeine. Splenda brand sweetener is used to give it its wonderfully sweet taste. Jones has hit another home run with this one. If they keep this up The Glucoholic will have to buy another refrigerator.

Raise Your Voices In Support of Type I Diabetics!

Friday, April 11th, 2008
Site News

Raise Your Voices In Support of Type I DiabeticsThe fantastic diabetes blog Six Until Me is heading up a type 1 diabetes awareness event and we here at would like to show our support.

Each and every one of us probably knows someone with type 1 diabetes. Let’s take time out on Monday April 14th to offer an encouraging word, to become more educated, to donate to support diabetes research. If you would like to raise your voice then head over to Six Until Me, or Tu Diabetes, or Diabetes Daily and join in!

Brach’s Sugar Free Gummi Fruits

Thursday, April 10th, 2008
Sugar Free Snacks

Brach’s Sugar Free Gummi FruitsColor him stupid, but when The Glucoholic really likes a product as much as he did the Brach’s Sugar Free Star Brites he tends to look for other products sold by the same producer. He didn’t have to look far before he found Brach’s Sugar Free Gummi Fruits. There seems to be no end to the “gummification” trend these days. We’ve got gummi bears, gummi worms, gummi narwhals – uh, I think that last one is only in development. It stands to reason that we should also have something sugar free to chew on in the gummi family.

Brach’s Sugar Free Gummi Fruits do the job nicely. They come in apple, cherry, grape, lemon, and orange flavors. Most of the flavors are a reasonable reminder of their natural counterparts, and they’re formed in the shape of their real life partners as well. They are not individually wrapped, but most other gummi treats aren’t. The candies are very chewy and sweet. They are a great sugar free snack and an entertaining novelty to boot!

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Sugar Free Brach’s Star Brites

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
Sugar Free Snacks

Sugar Free Brach’s Star BritesStar Brites are without a doubt one of the most popular candies of all time. Anywhere that a mint or piece of hard candy is appropriate you are apt to find these workhorse treats. From restaurant checkout counters to trick or treat bowls these candies are consumed by the millions. The Glucoholic is ashamed to admit that he had never noticed that they had such a sparkly name until he ran across the sugar free version of this classic snack. No matter what the name, this mint is a great addition to the arsenal of sugar free snacks we can use to replace familiar tastes with something more healthy.

Sugar Free Brach’s Star Brites are a perfect replica of Brach’s original peppermint mint. They are identical in taste and strength without all the extra sugar. The little red sections dissolve faster and leave you with a candy you can whistle through, just like the original! The minty flavor leaves your mouth tingling and your breath fresh, so we highly recommend keeping a couple on your person so that you have some to pop open and enjoy when you finish a meal, but without all the guilt.

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