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Sugar Free Brach’s Star Brites

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Sugar Free Brach’s Star BritesStar Brites are without a doubt one of the most popular candies of all time. Anywhere that a mint or piece of hard candy is appropriate you are apt to find these workhorse treats. From restaurant checkout counters to trick or treat bowls these candies are consumed by the millions. The Glucoholic is ashamed to admit that he had never noticed that they had such a sparkly name until he ran across the sugar free version of this classic snack. No matter what the name, this mint is a great addition to the arsenal of sugar free snacks we can use to replace familiar tastes with something more healthy.

Sugar Free Brach’s Star Brites are a perfect replica of Brach’s original peppermint mint. They are identical in taste and strength without all the extra sugar. The little red sections dissolve faster and leave you with a candy you can whistle through, just like the original! The minty flavor leaves your mouth tingling and your breath fresh, so we highly recommend keeping a couple on your person so that you have some to pop open and enjoy when you finish a meal, but without all the guilt.

A serving consists of three candies; but seriously folks, how many of us pick up three of these on the way out of a restaurant and eat them immediately? Per piece of candy we are talking 10 calories and about 3 grams of digestible carbohydrate. As most other sugar free candies do, each candy does derive all its carbohydrates from sugar alcohol, so don’t go on an eating rampage. These wonderful sugar free snacks are also sweetened with Splenda.

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