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Dasani Plus Lemon Lime Flavored Water

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Dasani Plus Lemon Lime Flavored WaterFlavored waters are beginning to take up more and more shelf space at our supermarkets. Many of the latest offerings are carb and sugar free, and this is great for diabetics and dieters alike. As competition increases in this market we will see better and better products. A good example of this improved quality is Dasani’s latest addition to its Plus line of products, Dasani Plus Lemon Lime Flavored Water. We had the opportunity to try Dasani Plus Lemon Lime this week and were really impressed with its powerful flavor. Some of its competitors just seem to be underpowered in the flavor department, leaving you with the feeling that you should have saved the premium and gotten a cup of water for free. The premium is worth the investment with Dasani Plus Lemon Lime. Sweetness and fruit flavor dominate the taste, and the aftertaste can best be described as tangy. We can’t wait to try the other flavors.

Each serving contains 35mg of sodium and practically nothing else. Ten percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium are also included in every serving. Dasani Plus Lemon Lime Flavored Water is sweetened with acesulfame potassium and sucralose.

3 Responses to “Dasani Plus Lemon Lime Flavored Water”

  1. Judith A. Boddy

    I have been a coca cola drinker for many,many years but because of health reasons I have to lay off the sugar.
    I have tried almost every kind of flavored water and haven’t had much success liking any of them until Dasani Plus!!! I have tried the Kiwi Strawberry and Pomegranate Blackberry and Orange Tangerine and LOVE them.
    Unfortunately it was very hard to find in Wilmington, DE (only in small delis).
    I had to go to Elkton, MD (ACME) to
    find it but was told by the store manager that Dasani Plus was being replaced with Dasani Essence. BAD MOVE.
    I do not like it, it doesn’t have the
    strong fruit flavor and tastes just all
    the other brands. Please tell me what is going on — is Dasani Plus gone?
    I sincerely hope not. It is the best!

  2. Judith A. Boddy

    Anyone out there with an answer?

  3. Lyn McAllister

    I think Dasani Plus is gone. I love it but can’t find it. I emailed Coca Cola about it in January but never heard back from them.

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