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Archer Farms Diet Orange Cream Soda

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Archer Farms Diet Orange Cream SodaYou’ve probably gathered by now that we’re frequent shoppers at Target here at Periodically we’ll take a look at the in-house Archer Farms brand products to see if there are any new sugar free options available. While picking up some of our favorite sugar free beverage, we came across Archer Farms Diet Orange Cream Soda. A quick look at the nutrition label and we were on our way to the checkout line, and to a very pleasant experience.

Archer Farms Diet Orange Cream Soda really brings it. Some cream sodas have a texture and taste that evoke thoughts of drinking olive oil. This sugar free drink does not suffer from this problem. The cream flavor is a very good match to the refreshing orange taste and yields an aftertaste almost like candy. This drink is not overly carbonated either, which adds to its thick, rich taste. We give this drink two thumbs up!

Serving size is one twelve ounce bottle. Being a sugar free drink, there’s basically only 30mg of sodium and not much else. Archer Farms Diet Orange Cream Soda is sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

5 Responses to “Archer Farms Diet Orange Cream Soda”

  1. Michael

    My wife and I love Archer Farms Orange Cream Diet Soda. So, as happens on a regular basis, it seems to have been dropped. The Target Stores in my area of Maryland (Montgomery County near DC) no longer carry Archer Farms sodas. This follows their brillaint move in discontinuing carrying the excellent and popular Jones Diet Black Cherry Soda.

    I like Target, but who is their product manager???
    Mike Bernstein

  2. Don

    I loved the diet black-cherry soda by Archer Farms. I can’t understand why a product that was rarely kept on the shelves (due to its popularity) was discontinuted. I am a diabetic and it is VERY hard to fine a good diet soda. I guess I will wait another 20years before something else good comes along.

  3. Mike Goldstein

    I just purchased Archer Farms diet orange cream soda (12/19/11) at Target.

    It must have turned since the soda wasn’t fit for human consumption. It was rancid and not drinkable. Wow, I was looking forward to a treat and you tried to poison me.
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  4. hugh mayberry

    i love the archer farms diet black cream soda also the diet orange cream soda if they drop them i will drop target

  5. hugh mayberry

    sorry i meant black cherry cream soda

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