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Russell Stover Net Carb Chocolate Covered AlmondsWe’ve got an exciting new low carb snack to tell you about today – Russell Stover Net Carb Chocolate Covered Almonds. We’ve really been looking forward to trying some of the Net Carb line of products from Russell Stover, and it was definitely worth the wait. The candies are delicious. For those who are chocolate covered peanut fans you will immediately notice two things about these candies. Firstly, they have a very pleasant soft texture in your hand and in your mouth. Some chocolate covered nuts have a very hard and rough feel and these chocolate covered almonds do not suffer from this. Secondly, the almonds are a slightly different, but tasty, option for introducing something very healthy into a candy. The chocolate covering has a subdued dark chocolate flavor, and the almonds are fresh and crisp without being too hard.

Each serving consists of about 15 pieces of candy, though during the review we never felt the urge to eat nearly that many. There are 220 calories per serving, along with 18 grams of fat. Thankfully, none of the fats are trans fats, but there are 5 grams of saturated fat. You’ll also get around 5mg of cholesterol and 25mg of sodium per serving. Each serving contains contains about 7 grams of digestible carbohydrate and 6 grams of protein. The packaging provides a list of food allergy warnings that those with food allergies should be aware of. These chocolate covered almonds are sweetened with Splenda and a healthy dose of sugar alcohols, so limit consumption to the recommended serving size or less.

While not a completely sugar free snack because of the one single gram of sugar, we can completely recommend these chocolate covered almonds as a low carb snack. We were very impressed with the taste of Russell Stover Net Carb Chocolate Covered Almonds. The only real complaint we could muster would be that at two servings per package, these little treats are fairly expensive. The fact that we were not compelled to eat nearly the suggested serving size at each sitting might help to bring the per serving cost down. All in all we were very pleased with another great Russell Stover product, and look forward to trying more of their Net Carb treats!

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