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Arizona Diet Peach Tea

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Arizona Diet Peach TeaOnce upon a time, in his less diabetic days, The Glucoholic became quite fond of Arizona flavored teas. This was no easy accomplishment for Arizona. Mind you, The Glucoholic was reared in the south where we all know that tea must be brewed boiling hot in a large pot and enriched with a bucket of sugar before being poured over eager ice cubes just waiting to cool it down. The crackling sound is the most heavenly sound of summer. You can imagine being confronted with a “tea” that comes in a bottle or can, that has something other than lemon added, and that survives warm climates for weeks and months on end. This can’t be tea can it? Thankfully, Arizona teas turned out to be quite tasty, and were a greatly missed treat for The Glucoholic – until now.

Arizona Diet Peach Tea is fantastic! Splenda helps to boost the sweetness of this black tea blend. The addition of peach juice is pleasing, and does not drown out the tea’s flavor. The sweetness is perfect, and does not leave you feeling like you just swallowed a tablespoon of corn syrup like some other beverages do. This gem is going on the list of staple sugar free drinks around here! We highly recommend giving Arizona Diet Peach Tea a try.

A serving of Arizona Diet Peach Tea is eight ounces, and what you’re buying is great taste, 20mg of sodium, and 25 percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Not bad! As mentioned, each serving is sweetened with Splenda and acesulfame potassium. For the best possible taste make sure to shake Arizona Diet Peach Tea well before opening.

8 Responses to “Arizona Diet Peach Tea”

  1. nancy corea

    could you please tell me who in the cleveland area sells the regular peach ice tea.The only place I can find it, and not all the time, is Drug Mart.They always have the diet. Thank you.

  2. Josh

    I happened to find this due to looking for the image of the can to show someone….

    I’ve never seen the regular Peach tea in and around the cleveland area – Recently on a trip to Las Vegas, we found a gas station in Colorado that sold the regular peach iced tea, and honestly it was disgusting. TOO sweet.

    I used to drink all of the Arizona teas, but honestly they’re all sickly-sweet now compared to this guy.

    Diet Peach all day.

    And being from Cleveland, walgreens and certian corner-stores are the only ones with diet peach. Most just sell lemon/green/raspberry with the occaisonal arnold palmer/RX energy

  3. Sid

    I can’t find your mix for
    Arizona Diet Peach Tea in the 2 quart tubs anywhere in Philadelphia. Please let me know who sells the product here. Desperate!

  4. Betty Thornton

    Can you please tell me where I can purchase the Arizona Peach Tea, diet in the Mansfield, Ohio 44903 area.

    Thank you.

  5. Debbie

    Could you tell me where I can buy the Arizona Diet Peach Tea in the jugs, not the cans, in Portland Oregon. Walgreens used to carry it now I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

  6. carrie

    where in calif around red bluff or chico area can you find this tea

  7. Don

    Walgreens doesn’t have Diet PEach Tea anymore!!!!!!!! Where can I find in Roanoke, Virginia?

  8. Joan Shumway

    Can I buy the Arizona diet peach tea in the large cans online.

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