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Sugar Free SnackWell’s Lemon Creme Cookies

Sugar Free Snacks

Sugar Free SnackWell’s Lemon Creme CookiesIf you’re in the mood for a really substantial cookie to snack on then pick up a box of Sugar Free SnackWell’s Lemon Creme Cookies. Let’s face it, sometimes the low carb and sugar free snacks tend to be real lightweights. That’s fine most of the time, but sometimes we hit the pantry just a little hungrier than usual. For those times, this cookie from Nabisco is an excellent choice. The cookie is crisp and heavy and the lemon creme filling is a perfect complement. The lemon flavor is long lasting and the entire cookie seems to be a little sweeter than most other sugar free cookies.

Serving size is three cookies, which should be plenty. Though they are sugar free, do not be tempted to over-consume because they are relatively high in calories, fat, sodium, and carbohydrates. Some of those carbohydrates come from Maltitol, so over-consuming could lead to a more unpleasant result than just an extra pound at the next weigh in. A serving of three cookies yields about 17 grams of digestible carbohydrate, but that’s still pretty good given the heft of this cookie. Reserve them for when you really need them and these delicious cookies should serve you well.

2 Responses to “Sugar Free SnackWell’s Lemon Creme Cookies”

  1. carbonator

    this is probly too many carbs to be considered low carb.

  2. michelle

    I am looking to buy sugar free snackwells lemon creme cookies in Illinois does anyone know what grocery store chain would carry them

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