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World Diabetes Day

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World Diabetes DayToday we’re taking a break from reviews and celebrating World Diabetes Day with millions of others around the world. Many great events across the globe are helping out in the struggle to raise diabetes awareness, and to raise funds for aiding all things diabetes. Please check out the World Diabetes Day website and check the Activities section to see if there are World Diabetes Day events in your area. We thought it would be fun to make a list of the top five things all you glucoholics out there can do for World Diabetes Day 2008:

Top 5 Things For Glucoholics To Do on World Diabetes Day 2008

5. Make some more Diabetes Lolcats! There are only two for crying out loud. You know that felines get diabetes too don’t you?

4. Get tested. There are millions of people around the world suffering from a disease they are not aware they even have.

3. Become educated about diabetes. There are tons of resources available on the web for becoming more knowledgeable about diabetes. The chances that you or a family member or friend will not deal with diabetes in your lifetime is practically zero.

2. Start planning for World Diabetes Day 2009. Help plan an event in your area that will help raise diabetes awareness.

1. Donate to great organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation or the American Diabetes Association. If you like to give locally, try to find a diabetes clinic in your area that can desperately use your support!

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