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Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape Flavored Water

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Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape Flavored WaterWhen The Glucoholic ran across Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape Flavored Water he almost passed it up. Why not? There are too many flavored waters on the market now. What’s one more? How different could it really be? Quite different in fact. We were really pleased with this product. It’s probably the best flavored water we’ve tried to date. The taste is smooth and does not suffer from any of the aftertaste that other products do, especially the ones that contain substandard sweeteners. The grape flavor is stronger and sweeter than most grape flavored waters. Pepsi’s marketing material claims that they use Concorde grapes in the production of this flavor, and we think this was a wise choice. Our only regret while reviewing Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape Flavored Water was that we didn’t pick up all of the FlavorSplash flavors and do one of our “Battle Of” series installments. If the quality of the other flavors is as good as this one then we believe Pepsi has a real winner on their hands.

Nutritionally, there’s not much to report about Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape Flavored Water, which is a good thing. There are 85mg of sodium per 8 ounce serving and that’s it. Pepsi should make note of the overall quality and superb sweetness accomplished by using only Splenda to sweeten this product. We can think of several of their diet soda offerings that could use some of the same engineering. We can’t wait to try the other FlavorSplash flavors.

35 Responses to “Aquafina FlavorSplash Grape Flavored Water”

  1. Gary

    I agree. This water doesn’t have that chalk taste that a bunch of the others do. Some of the others have aspartame that makes them taste bad too.

  2. Stephanie

    I agree. I have been looking for something to drink besides diet soda and I love this.

  3. Cory Wade

    My fiance tried the grape water & loves it. As a matter of fact she won’t drink any bottled water except that at all now. 1 problem though, no one in newton seems to sell it. I went to 6 different gas stations & none of them have it. Could someone please tell me where to get it please?

  4. terry

    I gave up water over 30 years ago,
    was only drinking Pepsi. Recently I tried flavor splash, and found it was great. Pepsi consumtion is way down now, and water is way up.
    By the way Cory try Speedway stations, they carry it.

  5. Linda Wood

    please let me know where I can purchase grape flavor splash in bulk. My husband and I drink this water daily, Stores do not sell in bulk, especially this flavor. my email address is thank you so very much.
    Linda and George Wood

  6. Bonnie Wilcynski

    What Stores sell it in La.?

  7. Mary Langum

    Where can I buy a flat of this water? I live in Anoka MN. Was buying it at Costco but they have suddenly stopped selling it. Please advise quickly, I am thirsty!

  8. Glucoholic


    The Pepsi website lists availability for that flavor at the K Mart on East Main Street in Anoka, the Cub Foods on North 114th Ave. in Champlin, and the Super Target on 87th St. NE in Champlin.

    Hope this helps!

  9. lynne

    im also looking for bulk grape flavorsplash. i used buy from wally’s world (walmart), but it’s no longer on the shelf.

  10. Dara

    Omg this is the best thing aquafina came out with esp the flavor splash grape now at first i wasn’t a water drinker man you couldn’t pay me to drink water but the firt time i tried it which was last week and after that i haven’t stop drinking it since i ran to the store and brought me two big bulks of this water i like the grape i haven’t tried any other flavor yet i give this 2 thumbs ^^

  11. Linda Wood

    I love the aquafina flavor splash.
    Have trouble finding it in stores,
    Walmart, Publix.
    Would like to buy on line by the case.
    Please help.
    Thank you

  12. Glenn Shriner

    ok you think this is the healthiest water on the market and it taste so good! guess what? it is one of the worst bottled water you can contains “Sucrose”
    and Sucrose is made from glucose and fructose units:Sucrose or table sugar is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beets.
    I’m no doctor and don’t claim to be, but be-careful on how much of this you consume as your body does not break down Sucrose to well.

  13. Jay

    i just bought 20 six packs i drink 3-4 bottles a day i have a closet filled—i love it!!!



  15. Bob

    Where can I buy Aquafina Flavor Splash in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  16. Steve

    to glenn shriner the sucrose your referring to is not in the water its sucralose completly different sucrose is like table sugar just look up the difference. This is the best water.

  17. Vanessa Warner

    My husband and I gave up soda a few years ago and switched to your flavored water. We are now having trouble locating it in our local area. Please let me know where the closest location is that we can buy it in bulk. (something we’ve never been able to find). If there isn’t a local store that sells it in bulk, we’d be happy to continue buying it by the 6 pack, but we can’t find that even. Please help!

  18. Marianne

    All our stores in Fairbanks AK just removed them from the shelves. I think they have stopped making them as I can’t find them online anywhere either! Everyone I know was a Flavor Splash Junkie and there was plenty of product being sold – not sure why it may have gone as a failed product after so many years! I know I was doing my share in supporting them with my 5+ a day habit! 🙁

  19. totsie

    I used to buy the grape flavor at Schnucks in Belleville, IL but they pulled quit selling the brand in favor of coke products. I have not found any other water with such a great flavor and I have not been able to drink soda since I was seriously ill in 2005. I tried that Propel grape flavor & that is just a shadow of the other. I’m trying at Target today but don’t hold out any hope. If anyone knows of a store or website where I can get this product PLEASE let me know! This is all I drink and my daily water intake has taken a sharp decline! 🙁

  20. Linda Benish

    This is the only bottled water I drink. It is just a perfect blended flavor. My only regret is that I winter in Texas in the lower valley and can’t find it.

  21. love grape flavor splash

    This is the best water i have had in a very long time….i was addicted to lemon propel in the old school blue bottles…now aquafina’s grape flavor splash is filled in my fridge and freezer!! I buy mines at Krogers grocery stores…6pk bottles!!!!!

  22. dallastown man

    im soo thirsty and the machine for this is just up stairs.. teacher wont let me leave



  24. Virginia

    My husband loves this water and went to the store to purchase some. He couldn’t find any and asked a store clerk. The clerk said that this water had been discontinued and they were told to pull it from the shelves (we are in AL). They didn’t give a reason. Strange, huh?

  25. Phil

    Not sure why they would be pulling the Grape Flavor Splash off the shelves. Every single store I go into here in Maine Carries 4 Flavors …. Grape, Raspberry, Lemon and Wild Berry

  26. Margaret Cleary

    I love the flavored flavorsplash products. However,
    I need a vise grip pliers to open the cap.
    Please help

  27. pam

    I can,t find the aquafina raspberry anywhere other then the vending machine at work. would like to buy it by the case, can anyone help.

  28. John F Kedgley

    My wife has tried to find aquafina grape water for weeks and can not find it at our Walmart store. As she has to drink it every day for her health problem, it is very difficult for her to sleep. Is there any way for me to find a store that can order the aquafina grape drink for me? I would need at least 14 bottles a week.
    The e-mail address enclosed is my valid address for years.

  29. Gene Hoilman

    I have been trying to find aquafina grape water for weeks and cannot find it,i have been getting it at Ingle’s or savemore but they have not had any in weeks,i’ve been to every store in my area that did sell it and none of them have it,”WHATS GOING ON? i drink it every day due to health problems,have you quit making it? or is it the stores not ordering it???

  30. Megan

    I have found that speedway gas stations sell single bottles. kmart carries the 6-packs. Go to and you can search the product and look for a store near you that has it in stock. Hope that helps some still looking for this!

  31. curtis

    we live near charlotte n.c. and cannot find this product anywhere. my wife was drinking about 3 bottles a day, now not at all. why cant we get grape Aquafina in this area.

  32. judy spaulding

    I live in Bakersfield ca and cannot find any flavorsplash AquaFina in any flavors. Please can you email me back where I can buy it? Foodmax and Albertson no longer carry it ! Please ASAP !!!! Thanks so much !

  33. Lois Jacowsky

    Is AquaFina discontinuing Splash ? I can’t find it anywhere in AZ and now in CA. It is the only water I can drink. I am not a grape person but will try it if it the only flavor available.
    But where????
    I bought some on Amazon but it cost more for the shipping than the drink.
    Please help me. I need the water.

  34. Jeanette A

    I have enjoyed the AquaFina Splash since it came out in the Michigan area. It is the only water that I can drink and I enjoy all of the flavors. I would like to see it return to the stores. The last place that I found it in abundance was in Dallas Tx. I grabbed as much as
    I could carry while visiting my son and his family. Unfortunately carrying it on the return flight to Lansing Mi. was not allowed. Please return our WATER. I can’t drink any
    other water. Please help us to once again have enjoy our favorite water.

  35. Chris

    I love this flavor too but I’m wondering how the hell does it taste this good with no impact carbs!?? Can anyone tell me how much of this I can drink before it registers as a carb? With the ingredient sucralose in it I’m assuming one bottle probably has “<1 carb" right? So if i were to drink 10 bottles of this would it be almost 5 carbs? See what I'm saying? Someone who is watching carbs very closely may be fooled by this. I'll be checking back for responses to this thanks!

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