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Pepsi OneThe Glucoholic is not supposed to be drinking caffeine, so he’s hoping to win some kind of award for bravery by reviewing Pepsi One. People always ask us why we don’t review any of the more traditional diet colas, and we usually shrug our shoulders or reply to the email with “Uh, we dunno.” Well it’s a new year and time to try new things. Give the people what they want we say. Actually, there are two relatively good reasons why we’ve stayed away from products like Pepsi One. Firstly, most of these products from the “Big 2” soft drink makers are sweetened with aspartame and we have a natural aversion to them. Secondly, these products are so common that we just assumed everyone had tried them and made their own decision about them. It looks like we were wrong on the second one, so let’s start doling out our two cents right now!

Fortunately, Pepsi One is sweetened with Splenda and acesulfame potassium. We think this makes Pepsi One taste pretty much like the original Pepsi, except there seems to be a slight aftertaste. We are always suspicious that the formula contains too little Splenda and too much acesulfame potassium when we find this in a diet soda. It’s not going on our list of favorite sugar free drinks, but we’re pretty sure that real Pepsi fans will find something they are familiar with and enjoy in Pepsi One if they are in the market for something sugar free. We think it beats sodas sweetened with aspartame hands down. An eight ounce serving of Pepsi One provides 25mg of sodium, 35mg of potassium, and 43mg of phosphorous. It also contains a healthy dose of caffeine – we can barely sit still long enough to finish this paragraph.

49 Responses to “Pepsi One”

  1. Barry

    ugh! this drink has more aftertaste than diet coke. i thought drinks with splenda were supposed to taste better. cherry coke zero is the only diet drink worth drinking IMHO.

  2. Vicky J

    I totally disagree. Pepsi One is my favorite because it tastes more like regular pepsi than anything else. I can’t drink the regular diet pepsi because it tastes so different.

  3. JRod

    Pepsi One is the best diet soda ever. Period.

  4. Michael F

    With out a doubt. Best tasting diet soda on the market

  5. Jeri Vecchione

    I live in Florida and can’t find Pepsi one anymore. Is it off the market. It’s the only one I can drink because it has splenda in it. I’m allergic to all the other diet soda’s.

  6. Darlene

    I completely Love your Pepsi One and I only drink the bottles and I just found out that you are no longer using the bottles but just cans I hate cans please, please reconsider I totally don’t want to go back to Diet Pepsi the Pepsi One taste soooooo much better.
    Thank you for making a very good tasting product now bring back the bottle. Thank you Darlene

  7. Terry

    I only want to ask that you bring back the 16 oz bottles I really don’t care for the cans and my wife is really upset so help out and bring back the bottles. Terry

  8. zane

    i love pepsi one. its better than diet pepsi and coke zero. its just a little hard to find. put on an advertising push and sell more.

  9. Scott

    I also live in florida and cannot find it. Especially Publix. I talked to Publix corporate and they say they keep telling the regional Pepsi distributors to stock it, but they don’t. I am told it has something to do with not making it in 12 packs and that it is a handling compatibility and consistency problem for them. Well…I dont care. If there is a customer demand for a product, then you should sell it and make some money. Because it is a unique product, there are a lot of people that can only drink this one. I am one of them. I hate diet sodas, and the taste of this one is only discernable from Pepsi if you drink one right against the other.

  10. Betty

    I live near Chicago and so far have been able to find 12 packs of Pepsi One but no longer can find the 16 oz bottles. I would hope they reconsider and start stocking it again. It’s so much easier to take those to work and be able to close it to avoid spills. I dont’t know what I’d do if they discontinued Pepsi One altogether. Alot of us stay away from aspartame!

  11. Barb

    Pepsi One has a great taste, and I live in Florida have no trouble getting it. Thank you Pepsi for doing away with the aspartane hope you also do it in your diet pepsi.

  12. Debbie

    I LOVE Pepsi One. I think I have been drinking it since inception and I will not drink anything else. In central illinois I used to be able to get 24 oz plastic bottles, but unfortunately they are no longer available. Please bring them back and please don’t discontinue this soda. Thank you! Debbie

  13. Sherry

    Just bought my 2nd bottle of Pepsi one loved it I have been looking for splenda sweetened soft drinks for a long while. THANK YOU1

  14. Pat Scarkino

    I love Pepsi One but I am having a very hard time finding it in Kansas City. It’s the only diet drink I have ever been able to stomach. Please start stocking it in Kansas City. As I understand it, Pepsi deliveries are made and stocked by Pepsi people, not the grocery stores. Please make it more accessible. Thanks.

  15. Betty

    Did they stop making Pepsi One in 24 oz bottles? I can’t find them anymore and loved to use those at work……….more convenient then cans.

  16. Richard Anderson

    I am a lifetime Pepsi drinker. Pepsi one became my one and only drink. I buy the 2 liters for home use but at work and on the road I now drink water. Please return the smaller bottles,

  17. Richard Dupree

    Pepsi should keep pepsi one handy as they are about to make a big mistake. They have tried cherry, lime, vanilla and what have you but all failed. They are now afraid of the coke zero trend. Zero tastes sweet and sappy but if it’s out selling p1 could it be something other than the product itself? P1 could do well if pepsi got behind it. I hate to quit pepsi but they think more caffine will do the trick. Lots of luck, LOL.

  18. Richard Dupree

    Pepsi, don’t blow it by taking away one of your better products. Don’t let coke zero put you in a state of flux.

  19. Joseph Lively

    Curses! Pepsi One is no longer available. It was my favorite soda, period. It is/was much less sweet than Diet Pepsi (yuck), and Pepsi Max is not at all the same. I also appreciated the sucralose rather than aspartame as sweetener (every other product I have tried using sucralose uses far too much of it). This will cut my soda consumption way down!

  20. Greg Rightler

    Hate to see Pepsi one gone. It was by far my favorite since I stopped drinking sugar soda. Pepsi made a major mistake here.

  21. Gary Turnbow

    Pepsi blew it for me by discontinuine Pepse One. I not only prefer Splenda, but Aspartame causes me sever health problems.
    The only cola left in my market with splenda is Dier RC. Drinkable, but barely. Maybe Coke or Dr Pepper will step up with a Splenda sweetende cola.

  22. Carol

    I love Pepsi One and can no longer find it in stores in Texas. I can not stand Pepsi Max and had to go back to Coke zero. Needless to say I will start drinking tea and powder orange.

  23. jb

    aspartame causes cancer and many other diseases! Look it up!

  24. dndydan

    I hate you Pepsi, you took the only decent tasting sugar-free cola off the market,Pepsi One, also the only one sweetend with Splenda. As Aspartame affects blood sugar, I cannot drink diet drinks. I tried Diet Rite Cola sweetened with Splenda but it sucks. You’ve alienated a lot of Pepsi fans with this move to discontinue Pepsi One. The score had been Pepsi One, Coke Zero, and you sacrificed your lead run, and I must now drink water.

  25. Charles Stringer

    I can not find pepsi one in Lufkin, Texas. Can you help
    C. Stringer

  26. thurman

    I cannot believe you are doing away with pepsi one.WHY ? A splenda soft drink is the best thing pepsi did in quite a while. i can t drink any other drink that doesn,t have splenda as a sweetner. I LIVE IN PEPSI COUNTRY .8 miles from Ayden,N.C. I knew Mr.MINGES. Sorry to hear about his passing.Please keep PEPSI ONE.THANKS,

  27. thurman

    HEY, Me again.I got a great idea.Why don,t you at PEPSI use splenda in all your drinks and get rid of that cancer chemical thing called ASPARTAME its not good for you and not good in soft drinks.I bet you will sell more products. and increase profits.Look! its like this. I started drinking pepsi when i was a small boy 3 years old pepsi was 5 cents .I am now 69 years old.I got pepsi in my blood and doing good. So long for now. Waiting to hear from you. If you got any PEPSI ONE you don,t want let me know. i,m not far away. thanks again THURMAN,

  28. Richard Dupree

    It’s funny , I don’t see Pepsi Max flying off the shelf as a replacement for PepsiOne LOL. Pepsi only made One in smaller batches and not frequently, that’s why it was hard to find. Perhaps had they made more of it they wouldn’t have lost so many customers. I hope they get it someday–SOON.

  29. George

    Pepsi did you want to lose more of the soft drink market? Since you don’t make Pepsi One, I will have to drink Diet Coke with splenda. Not as good as pepsi one, but better than your other non-splenda drinks.

  30. Dan

    Pepsi quit bottling Pepsi One in two liter bottles in Wisconsin. I searched the country and found Pepsi One two liters in New Jersey and southern California. Pepsi consumer service people were uncaring and of no help.

  31. Gary

    I’ve been diabetic for 4 years now and one thing I was missing was my pepsi. Pepsi One is a blessing indeed, long my it chill in my fridge,cooler snowbanks etc.

  32. Jeff

    Pepsi One has not been discontinued. A sizable number of distributors are not stocking it anymore. You need to boycott the distributors. Time to march with signs! Occupy!

  33. jan

    I think Pepsi one is the best diet drink out there! I however think PepsiCo is the biggest elitist evil company around! They really don’t care about the customers because they are such a huge company with so many different brand holdings they can make money and still screw over the consumer! Why the heck would a soda company only distribute a type of soda in only certain states and not all across the country? I live in Albuquerque New Mexico and I talked to a stocker at the supermarket about pepsi one. He says he’s asked DOZENS of times EVERY WEEK why no Albuquerque stores stock it and he doesn’t know why certain regions are being purposelly ignored. Its a little orwellion if you ask me! This stocker told me how weird it is, he said you can find pepsi one in Silver City New Mexico but not Albuquerque! You can also easily find pepsi one in Amarillo TX but not Tucumcari NM!!! No other popular brand will do such a thing! There’s an obvious nationwide demand for this individual product yet some regional sales people decide to screw the buying public!
    So I will probably be switching to a brand of unsweetened black tea and buy splenda packets to put in the tea. Until a new brand of splenda-sweet cola goes to sale in my region I’m not buying pepsi-max crap or anything else made by Pepsi! To hell with pepsi if they don’t want my bussiness! BTW Taco Bell Sauuucks the big one! It was better long ago but is horrid now! It aint fast anymore either! Taco Bell will give you the grippers!

    No I’m not a Coca Cola employee or anything, since Coke changed their recipe anything coke gives me heartburn and all the diet is nasty! I think I’ll just bre my own root beer if I want a soda and drink ice tea from now on!

  34. jan

    Pepsi is running there soda market like Netflix! Screw the public but expect us to keep buying! Pepsi one is a winner! I guess pepsi can’t have that! They’re probably investing too much capitol in taco hell to want to make pepsi one. I’d say if they sold off taco hell, got rid of all aspartame diets and just bottled pepsi, Mexican “old school” cane-sugar pepsi, and pepsi one, they would probably double their proffits in a month getting rid of all that other crap! Come’on pepsi? Well there you have it folks, pepsi is a global company with too many divisions to care about a few 100 million pepsi one drinkers world wide!

  35. Jawn

    This Pepsi One is horrible, the original Pepsi one is the best, infact the best Pepsi i ever drank and will forever be my favorite even though its been discontinued for 8 years.


  36. Jawn

    Bring back the Original Pepsi One !

  37. Maya

    I love Pepsi One and can no longer find it in stores in New York city. I can not stand Pepsi Max and had to go back to Coke zero.Bring back the Original Pepsi One !

  38. Frances

    Love Pepsi One and have noticed only a few twelve packs are allocated on the shelf at any given time at Walmart. I am worried they will eventually discontinue it.

  39. toni morford

    please bringback pepsi one

  40. brian

    me and my wife love Pepsi one because we are both allergic 2 NutraSweet. Some part of Ohio cannot get Pepsi one Cleveland is one of them. Wish they would make it more available two other areas who don’t get it

  41. Mike p

    Pepsi One now being discontinued according to Pepsi representative. Will be off shelves in all markets by end of 2014.

    All good things must come to an end

  42. Tina

    I do not want aspartame in my diet soft drink and PepsiOne is the one only that uses it. Although the original P-1 was best, I still prefer it to anything else or drinking full-calorie sodas. No-one is carrying in Cleveland now and that is a shame. I am stopping all Pepsi products from now on.

  43. Barbara Pelletier

    I really miss Pepsi 1. It was the only Cola that I drank. Please bring it back!

  44. Pamela Davidson

    I have been drinking pepsi one for years. I switch from coke to pepsi one because it tasted so much like a regular coke. Now there is no pepsi one anywhere. I understand it was discontinued. Please bring it back. I am now forced to go back to Coke. I would much rather have my Pepsi One back.

  45. Janice

    This Blows BIG TIME. I just found out that Pepsi One has been discontinued. This is the only pop that I can tolerate both taste and bloodsugar wise. Had Gastric By-pass in 2002 and go into Hypoglycemia if I have too much sugar and I HATE the after taste that any of the diet pops leave in your mouth. Every time I find something really like, somebody takes it away. All the scare over the carmel coloring additive M-4 or something like that. Remember when we were told Eggs would kill you? What about Cell phones and brain cancer, you don’t see anyone pulling them off the market because they are not safe. Let me decide what I want to put into or around my body. What ever happened to personal choice!

  46. Nick Fure

    I like Pepsi One, its my favorite beverage. I’ve tried many diet drinks and Pepsi One doesn’t have an aftertaste. I’ll be sad when I can’t find it in the local stores anymore. Amazon has it for $99.99.

  47. Robert Knight

    I can’t have aspartame. There is a Bring Back Pepsi One page on Facebook.

  48. Pat Mabry

    Pepsi One is the best drink ever, but we cannot locate it in SC at all anymore. We never had the bottles, just the cans. And I hate Pepsi Max….never buy. Please bring it back. Everyone where I work loves it.

  49. Pat Mabry

    Please bring back Pepsi One to SC. We never could find the bottles, just the cans. It was the favorite for everyone where I work.

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