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Jones Sugar Free Green Apple Soda

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Jones Sugar Free Green Apple SodaWe’re beginning to wonder if Jones Soda can do any wrong with their sugar free sodas. If you’ve been paying attention you know that The Glucoholic is kind of a Jones fanboy. Our past reviews of the sugar free black cherry soda and the sugar free root beer have led people to ask us if we’re being compensated by Jones Soda. We’re not, but be prepared for your skeptic-o-meter to go haywire. We’re not big fans of anything apple flavored, so we thought that this might be the first bad review Jones Soda got from us. We picked up a four-pack for the review, all the while wondering if we were about to waste three bottles. Let us tell you something folks – we were wrong, and pleasantly so.

Jones Sugar Free Green Apple Soda is totally different than the black cherry or root beer. The flavor comes at you in waves. The first wave consists of a shocking blend of coolness and fruit flavor that only lasts a second or two. If you savor the sip for a moment you get a smooth, relaxing mix of apple flavor and what tastes like mint. Then as the apple flavor subsides you’re left with this sweet, candy-like aftertaste that lasts for some time. It’s almost like enjoying an apple sucker for a minute or so. We highly recommend this soda. It’s quality is perfectly in line with what we’ve come to expect from Jones.

We’re starting to get a little worried because we’re about to run out of Jones Sugar Free flavors to try. We could try to start a letter-writing campaign to drum up support for more flavors. Our faith is pretty strong that whatever Jones put together would be pretty good. If our previous experiences are any indicator, we would probably be happy with Jones Sugar Free Drainage Ditch Water at this point. Please Jones, don’t let us run out of sugar free drinks to review in 2009!

Each twelve ounce serving of Jones Sugar Free Green Apple Soda contains 35mg of sodium, and not much else. As usual, this flavor is excellently sweetened with Splenda. We wish there were more to tell you about the nutrition label, but there just isn’t that much there. Maybe we’ll feel better if we mention that you can return the bottle for a nickel in nine states and a dime in Michigan!

3 Responses to “Jones Sugar Free Green Apple Soda”

  1. Bradley

    According to the Jones website you only have cream soda and cola to go.

  2. Jess

    have there ever been any of the special or seasonal jones sugar free versions?

  3. butch


    i don’t think so. i think all the holiday flavors are all the regular drinks and there aren’t any sugar free drinks that are special editions.

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