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Jack Link’s Flamin’ Buffalo Chicken Nuggets

Monday, February 23rd, 2009
Low Carb Snacks

Jack Link’s Flamin’ Buffalo Chicken NuggetsSome of our readers have been asking us why we’ve overlooked beef jerky as a low carb snack here at There are actually quite a few low carb staples that we love and want to bring to you, but have struggled with how to make them sexy enough. Beef jerky is one of them. Cheese is another. Anyone who knows anything about maintaining a low carb diet can enumerate several of these staples off the top of their heads, and we’ve been afraid reviewing any of these products would lead to a resounding “duh.” We figured reviewing products like these would be like presenting the Oscar for “Best Tree in a Motion Picture.” That is, until now. Jack Link’s Flamin’ Buffalo Chicken Nuggets are neither beef nor boring. These bite-sized beauties skin the hide off of any beef jerky we’ve ever had.

The first bite of these Jergets™ starts off mild and chewy. As you continue to chew you are overwhelmed by the buffalo sauce’s flavor – this stuff has some kick! You can definitely recognize the difference between the chicken and most beef flavors as well. These nuggets don’t seem to have nearly as much salt as most beef jerky. There’s a heavy quality to each nugget that leaves you feeling like you’ve eaten something more substantial than you really did. This attribute makes these nuggets an excellent low carb snack for when you’re really craving food. In our testing we never needed more than one nugget to feel satisfied, even though the serving size is a whole ounce. The resealable bag insures that your chicken is fresh when you need it. If you’re a beef jerky fan please give Jack Link’s Flamin’ Buffalo Chicken Nuggets a try!

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Russell Stover Sugar Free Toffee Squares

Monday, February 16th, 2009
Sugar Free Snacks

Russell Stover Sugar Free Toffee SquaresRussell Stover really is providing variety in the world of sugar free snacks. We’ve reviewed several of their products, and have always enjoyed the taste. Russell Stover Sugar Free Toffee Squares are no different. These wonderful candies remind you of Butterfinger bars, and their chewy texture leave you satisfied. If taste alone were the criteria for our reviews this candy would be a winner hands down, but unfortunately we have to consider the nutritional value and that’s where Russell Stover Sugar Free Toffee Squares come up short.

Each serving contains 210 calories, 16 grams of fat (of which 9 grams are saturated fat), 25mg of cholesterol, 140mg of sodium, and about 12 grams of digestible carbohydrate. For those who are very sensitive to sugar alcohol, there are 23 grams in each serving. For all this you only get 2 grams of protein. Not a good trade in our opinion. As a result, we can only recommend these for your most decadent treats. Russell Stover Sugar Free Toffee Squares are probably the best example we’ve seen that being sugar free does not guarantee being healthy.

Snapple Diet Green Tea

Monday, February 9th, 2009
Low Carb Drinks, Sugar Free Drinks

Snapple Diet Green TeaWe’ve had our difficulties with green teas in the past. With Valentine’s Day coming up we decided to show green tea some love and give it a second chance. But, we needed to find a bona fide suitor for our green tea affections, so we set out to find just that. We found it over at our friend Marvo’s The Impulsive Buy. Their review of Snapple Diet Green Tea, funny and irreverent as always, gave us hope that we might have found a green tea that we wouldn’t end up telling folks had been run over by a train. We ran out and picked up a bottle and found it to be quite refreshing. We might not be ready to go steady, but we’re not kicking it out either.

Snapple has done an adequate job of leaving authentic, brewed green tea taste in the bottle while making the tea sweet enough for those who can’t tolerate unsweetened teas. We did not detect any aftertaste, and very little bitterness that you sometimes get with other green teas. The taste of the tea leaves leans toward tobacco, which was different. It’s certainly the best diet green tea we’ve sampled in a while. Make sure to shake the bottle well as you prepare to imbibe twenty percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Snapple Diet Green Tea is sweetened with Splenda and acesulfame potassium. We’re sure there’s a little caffeine in there too since this is a tea. Enjoy!

SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant

Monday, February 2nd, 2009
Low Carb Drinks, Sugar Free Drinks

SoBe Lean Blackberry CurrantPepsi was on a rampage during last night’s Super Bowl game. There was great irony in the airing of the “sell out” MacGruber sketch and the Bob Dylan and Will.I.Am “Forever Young” video. We’re sure many Dylan fans are about to blow a gasket today, but we’re also pretty sure that all will be forgiven because the new Pepsi logo is an Obama campaign button. But we digress because we’re here to talk about SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant. SoBe dusted off some 1950s technology and gave us some 3D lizards during last night’s game; but more importantly, they gave us one of the best sugar free drinks we’ve reviewed in a long time. SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant is awesome.

Blackberry drinks have always been a little harsh to The Glucoholic. Inspired by expensive marketing, he plowed right through his reservations and picked up a twenty ounce bottle and knocked it back. We have to start our praise with the bottle. SoBe has always gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to packaging. We’ve always loved the lizard on the bottle, and the drinks always have great graphics and striking color. The taste is even better than the appearance. The blackberry is understated. The grape seems to be a perfect compliment, and provides a wonderful freshness and flavor that almost reminds you of watermelon. This drink has a silky-while-fruity quality, and the flavor is consistent from beginning to end. SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant is an early contender for this year’s top products list. We highly recommend it. If you’re already a SoBe fan who has not tried this flavor, do yourself a favor and pick some up today.

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