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SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant

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SoBe Lean Blackberry CurrantPepsi was on a rampage during last night’s Super Bowl game. There was great irony in the airing of the “sell out” MacGruber sketch and the Bob Dylan and Will.I.Am “Forever Young” video. We’re sure many Dylan fans are about to blow a gasket today, but we’re also pretty sure that all will be forgiven because the new Pepsi logo is an Obama campaign button. But we digress because we’re here to talk about SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant. SoBe dusted off some 1950s technology and gave us some 3D lizards during last night’s game; but more importantly, they gave us one of the best sugar free drinks we’ve reviewed in a long time. SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant is awesome.

Blackberry drinks have always been a little harsh to The Glucoholic. Inspired by expensive marketing, he plowed right through his reservations and picked up a twenty ounce bottle and knocked it back. We have to start our praise with the bottle. SoBe has always gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to packaging. We’ve always loved the lizard on the bottle, and the drinks always have great graphics and striking color. The taste is even better than the appearance. The blackberry is understated. The grape seems to be a perfect compliment, and provides a wonderful freshness and flavor that almost reminds you of watermelon. This drink has a silky-while-fruity quality, and the flavor is consistent from beginning to end. SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant is an early contender for this year’s top products list. We highly recommend it. If you’re already a SoBe fan who has not tried this flavor, do yourself a favor and pick some up today.

An eight ounce serving only contains 5 calories, 30mg of sodium, and one gram of carbohydrate. You’ll also get 35mg of potassium and some L-Carnitine and ginseng. Each serving also contains 100 percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C and 35 percent for chromium. SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant is sweetened with acesulfame potassium and sucralose. This drink is also caffeine free!

11 Responses to “SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant”

  1. DeputyEnos

    You should check out the LifeWater lizard grip bottle. All Sobe drinks are hot.

  2. bruce williams

    I live in the hampton roads virginia area and cannot find a store that carry Sobe Lean blackberry currant drink. Can you help with this matter.

  3. glucoholic


    Looking at the SoBe website, the only store they list is the Harris Teeter on the Ferrell Parkway in Virginia Beach. We purchased the SoBe drinks we’ve reviewed at Harris Teeter stores as well.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Connie

    Where can we find blackberry currant in the Tucson area? There are several of us who can no longer find this flavor in our stores. Please HELP!

  5. William Cody

    We also were wondering where we could find the backberry currant flavor in Napa, CA. We last got it at Safeway but they haven’t been able to find out for us. We would really appreciate it if you would inform us as to where to purchase it. Thank you!

  6. Lori Stuteville

    Looking for the Orange Carrot Sobe.. Cannot find it anywhere in my entire region..
    Kansas City Missouri
    Have looked in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota.. every vacation I take I look. I did find it in New York but why not the midwest??? Same as the Blackberry Currant flavor.. All the store have the same 5 flavors it is frustrating…

  7. Pam Blank

    I used to get the SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant at our local Vons store, but have not been able to find it recently. Where can I find it? It is about the only beverage my husband and I enjoy.

    Thank you

  8. Marvin Myers

    I used to buy SoBe Lean Blackberry Currant at Safeway and King Soopers along the Front Range in Colorado, but they no longer carry it. Where can I buy more of this great drink?
    Thank you!

  9. Carol

    Why, oh why, has this drink been discontinued? It was my favorite. I found a bottle of it in my pantry today and I think it’s the last one I’ll ever have the pleasure of drinking. 🙁

  10. Warren

    I agree. I use to buy large quantities of Mango Melon, Blackberry Currant, and Lean Green Tea. I even enjoyed the Lean Peach Tea. All gone, all discontinued. I tried SoBe’s other diet drinks and they just don’t live up to the taste. SoBe Life Water sucks. Why’d they have to go and destroy such great drinks? I’ll probably never drink SoBe again.

  11. Wendy Johnson

    Bring back Blackberry Currant and Rasberry lemonade please, nothing in this world is as good as those drinks! Please, the public is crying out! Thank you for listening

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