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Snapple Diet Green Tea

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Snapple Diet Green TeaWe’ve had our difficulties with green teas in the past. With Valentine’s Day coming up we decided to show green tea some love and give it a second chance. But, we needed to find a bona fide suitor for our green tea affections, so we set out to find just that. We found it over at our friend Marvo’s The Impulsive Buy. Their review of Snapple Diet Green Tea, funny and irreverent as always, gave us hope that we might have found a green tea that we wouldn’t end up telling folks had been run over by a train. We ran out and picked up a bottle and found it to be quite refreshing. We might not be ready to go steady, but we’re not kicking it out either.

Snapple has done an adequate job of leaving authentic, brewed green tea taste in the bottle while making the tea sweet enough for those who can’t tolerate unsweetened teas. We did not detect any aftertaste, and very little bitterness that you sometimes get with other green teas. The taste of the tea leaves leans toward tobacco, which was different. It’s certainly the best diet green tea we’ve sampled in a while. Make sure to shake the bottle well as you prepare to imbibe twenty percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Snapple Diet Green Tea is sweetened with Splenda and acesulfame potassium. We’re sure there’s a little caffeine in there too since this is a tea. Enjoy!

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  1. luke

    the Sobe Lean Diet Green Tea is better than Snapple. you can’t really taste the tea leaves at all in Sobe.

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