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Diet Hansen’s Root Beer

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Diet Hansen’s Root BeerWe were pretty rough on Hansen’s a few months ago. The Glucoholic does not like publishing bad reviews, but what he does like is the concept of second chances. A second chance is what Hansen’s was a recipient of this week, and we can’t remember a company who has made up so much ground with one product before. Diet Hansen’s Root Beer is fantastic. Having a few cans of this was so much better than our previous experience with Hansen’s that it’s hard to find the words to express how impressed we were. This drink is a real root beer contender, and we would easily grade it even with every diet root beer we’ve tested except for Jones Soda Sugar Free Root Beer. What can we say, our loyalties run deep here. Second place to Jones Soda is still an enviable position. Diet Hansen’s root beer has a unique root beer taste derived from several staple root beer ingredients like licorice root extract, vanilla, wintergreen, and acacia. The taste is unique and familiar at the same time.

Nutritionally, Diet Hansen’s Root Beer is very sound. There’s nothing to report. Zero of everything you don’t want, including sodium! When was the last time you had a diet soda that did not have a single gram of sodium? This root beer is also one of Hansen’s many diet sodas sweetened with Splenda and a little acesulfame potassium. Kudos to Hansen’s for getting the mix just right. If you are a diet root beer fan, we highly recommend giving this drink a chance. We’re very glad we did.

5 Responses to “Diet Hansen’s Root Beer”

  1. Dewey

    Man, you sure like diet root beers!

  2. Build Muscle

    I will be checking this out. For the most part I stick with Diet Barqs, but I’ll try Hansen’s.

  3. Big Dave

    Taste varies between packs…

    One pack is rock your socks off amazing, while the next tastes like club soda.

  4. mistletoad

    Had my 1st Hansens Diet Root Beer 5 months ago. I was blown away. It was as rich and flavorful as any soda fountain root beer that I can recal ever having. Extremely delighted at how creamy and frothy is was… especially when you consider it’s a diet root beer.

    If Jones’ is actually a e gotta try better root beer than Haensens… then I’ve g0tta try it.

  5. patricia

    In San Diego there is a shortage of Diet Hansen’s root beer. Von, Ralphs, Sprout…all out. Any one know why?

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