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SoBe Lifewater Black and Blue Berry

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SoBe Lifewater Black and Blue BerryThe vitamin water market is flush with competitors trying to sell you their version of health in a bottle. SoBe is hoping that being one of the first players to successfully use PureVia sweetener in a sugar free drink will help them leave the competition in the dust. PureVia is derived from the stevia plant, which contains natural sweetener. We decided to put SoBe’s Black and Blue Berry Lifewater to the test, and were pleasantly surprised at how flavorful this water is. To start things off, we can’t go without saying how compelling the bottling and labeling is. This is par for the course for SoBe, but you really have to take a look at the bottle in good light to see how much time and effort went in to making a stunning package for this product.

The taste of this product is strikingly sweet. Truthfully, we were expecting something really bitter; or perhaps weak and unsatisfying. The berry and the sweetener are a great couple, and the only aftertaste is one slightly akin to candy. It’s hard to believe that you can get this much taste from 6 grams of carbohydrates and 25mg of sodium, but somehow they did it. We are definitely looking forward to trying some of the many other Lifewater flavors. An eight ounce serving also contains 100 percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, 20 percent of Vitamin E, and 10 percent of several important B vitamins. This water also contains grape seed extracts and mixed berry extracts.

10 Responses to “SoBe Lifewater Black and Blue Berry”

  1. Laura

    Just curious…how can it have 0 calories and 6 carbs per serving?

    Thanks for the reviews!

  2. Laura

    OK – so I had Pepsi answer my question: they include the carbs from the sweeteners on the label, but there are only 1.8 calories per 8 oz of the drink that are actually digestible. Just in case anyone else wondered!

  3. Build Muscle

    This was my favorite product too, when I did a review of all three new zero calorie Sobe Lifewater flavors.

  4. glucoholic


    Thanks for reading! I consulted SoBe’s Twitter Guy and he was kind enough to inform me that almost all the carbohydrate mass comes from the sugar alcohol erythritol, which by FDA standards represents less than one calorie per gram. I did a little research and it seems that erythritol has some real advantages over most other sugar alcohols.

    Hope this helps!

  5. jen

    Just curious – anyone know how they can claim to be 0 Calories when there is 15 grams of carbohydrate in one bottle – if I am not mistaken in is 4 calories for every carbohydrate…60 calories per bottle. Anyone have any clues?

  6. Gail Restaino

    I would like to know if any of your Sobe Life Water drinks have natural sugar in them or just the sugar substitues I have read about. Thank you again and I’ll look forward in hearing from you.

  7. scott fuoco

    I love this product,drink it everyday first drink I can drink all the time and not get tired of it.. thanks for a great product…

  8. katie

    This is impossible. Sobe lifewater claims the contents to consist of 6 carbs yet 0 calories. Impossible, fat equals calories, as does carbohyrates. Maybe i just dont understand this, i dont know. Please explain this to me.

  9. Danny

    Is this product gluten free?

  10. Kimberly

    I’m a sugar addict, and this stuff definitely satisfies my craving for sugar. Also, this SoBe flavor specifically is my favorite. :]

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