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Welch’s Diet Black CherryLet’s not waste any time. After you’ve followed our advice and procured a few bottles of Welch’s Diet Black Cherry, and had the opportunity to sample it, you will agree that this might just be the best diet juice ever made. We can’t remember a product we’ve been this pleasantly surprised by. The first sip leaves you saying “I don’t remember black cherry being this sweet.” We’ve come to expect a bold taste from good black cherry drinks, but this one’s taken it to a new level. Part of Welch’s Living Lightly line of products, the nutrition specs on this one aren’t too shabby either.

An eight ounce serving contains only ten calories and three grams of carbohydrate. Surprisingly, there’s only 20mg of sodium per serving as well. This delicious drink is sweetened with Splenda and two grams of sugar. Though not a completely sugar free drink, Welch’s Diet Black Cherry is certainly a must try low carb drink. We can’t wait to see how it does against the competition in our year end roundup. Please get out and try this one today!

15 Responses to “Welch’s Diet Black Cherry”

  1. Cheryl

    I would like to know where I can buy the Welche’s Diet Black Cherry Juice. I have been drinking it but can’t find it any where in my area now. WalMart did carry it but no longer does. It is very good and I’d love to continue to drink it if I could find it. Please reply. Thank you.

  2. Beverly Fincher

    Can you tell me where to buy this juice in or near Akron, Ohio


  3. linda

    love the juice but can’t find it in my area…please help! springboro, ohio thanks

  4. Debbie

    Each time my sister and I found this juice on the shelves at Walmart between the two of us we bought every one on the shelf. My sister is a diabetic and this is finally something she can drink. Now we can no longer find it. I have checked 3 Walmarts, Food Town, Food City, Fiesta, Target & Randalls. Please, please tell me where we can find this again. Is it possible to order cases from Welch’s.

  5. BEV

    I have difficulty finding it in Baltimore. Occasionally it’s at the Walmart Supercenter but infrequently and in very limited supply. Three of us go there and buy for each other if we happen to find it. There’s usually no more than 3 or 4 of the four packs. Why isn’t it easier to find?!!!

  6. Cheryl

    Contacted Welch’s. For some reason it is no longer distributed. I guess they aren’t making it anymore. That’s a shame because I loved it. I have 2 peach twists left that I am saving.

  7. Lois

    I am a diabetic and finally found a drink that I enjoy drinking and I’ve been having a difficult time finding it in Maryland area. It used to be sold at the Walmart Supercenter, but Walmart no longer sells the juice. Please let me know where I can find this drink.!!!

  8. Bob Arnold

    I have ran into a road block on where I can purchase the blackcherry diet. The only place that I have seen to buy this drink around here is at CVS inNew Hampshire. Please respond, where I can buy in bulk instead of a bottle here and there. Thank you, Bob

  9. Patricia Hooker

    I, too, am desperate to find Welch’s Diet Black Cherry and Peach Twist drinks!! Please tell me where to find them or send me a case of each.

    If you no longer make them you are missing out on a lucrative market.

  10. dianna

    i am diabetic andcannot find the diet blackcherry drink hardly anywheres could you help me find it thank you

  11. Gerard

    I recently bought 6 cases of peach twist at Sam’s Club in the Lycoming Mall Williamsport Pa

  12. Mary D.

    I too want to find it again and am saving my last bottle. I’ve looked in Pennsylvania and Maryland for at least a year now. Please make it again. Thanks

  13. Kay B

    I can no longer find it in wichita Kansas. I too was only able to find 3 or 4 bottles at a time. The only size I’ve ever seen here is the 64oz. When I inquired at Walmart (the only place I’ve ever found it) they told it was being discontinued. It’s the only juice I drink so I’m very disappointed. I’m on a special diet and it’s one of the few drinks I can have. I’m not a big fan of peach flavored drinks but guess I’ll give it a try. If anyone knows where to purchase this please share. Welchs please bring this back!!!

  14. Sindy H

    Are you still making Welch’s Diet Balck Cherry, we can not find it anywhere? Would like to get it again.

  15. Nancy

    Same as the folks above. Walmart evidently has the market and they don’t carry it anywhere that I have found in Kansas city, Kansas and surrounding areas. It shows that some have them in stock, but when you drive out of your way to get it, it isn’t available. Why can’t you get it @ any store? Wake up. There are other stores shopped at besides Walmart.

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