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Fruit2O Natural Grape

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Fruit2O Natural GrapeTen years ago, would you have believed that their would be so many flavored waters on the market today? It seems like every time we say “we’re through with the flavored waters for a while” we find another one just begging to be reviewed. This time we’re talking about Fruit2O Natural Grape. First of all, we love the name. You have to try a product with a name this good. We’re really glad we did. This is a tasty little beverage. The flavor is bold, but not overbearing. There is adequate sweetness, and the grape flavor does seem authentic. This is a real advantage over some of the other grape flavored waters that taste like they are from powdered mix that didn’t get shaken enough.

Fruit2O Natural Grape contains no calories, no fat, and no carbohydrates. Each eight ounce serving only contains 35mg of sodium. This water is sweetened with sucralose, which is always a good decision. Though we can’t rate it quite as high as SoBe Lifewater Black and Blue Berry, we can give Fruit2O Natural Grape a very high rating. It’s one of the best sugar free drinks we’ve sampled, and we can’t wait to try the other flavors!

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  1. Lesboprof

    Have you tried the new Dansani “scented waters”? They do not have ANY sweeteners, just a little taste of fruit and water. It is great, and it made it hard to go back to the sweetened waters. Try it soon!

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