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Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew

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Caffeine Free Diet Mountain DewThe Glucoholic used to have a very serious problem with Mountain Dew. Anyone out there who’s also suffered with this addiction knows what we’re talking about – those school days when you reached the soda machine only to find that the precious was sold out. Simultaneous feelings of paralyzing fear and vein-popping anger rushed through your body. The Glucoholic quit cold turkey and suffered a horrible detoxification process, and since has avoided anything Dew for fear of returning to those dark days. That is, until now. Enter Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew! You get the familiar taste of Mountain Dew, without all the things you need to seek treatment for. No sugar. No caffeine. Just neon green goodness.

The taste of Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew is quite good. There is a very slight aftertaste that hints of the aspartame inside, but the pinch of acesulfame potassium and sucralose really keep this to a minimum. The aftertaste is an order of magnitude more acceptable than most other diet drinks that contain aspartame. We can’t recall finding any other diet drink that actually uses all three. Of course, we would have preferred sucralose only, but we’re not complaining. As far as nutrition goes, you’ll get 35mg of sodium in each eight ounce serving and that’s it. If you’ve ever enjoyed Mountain Dew as much as we used to, you owe it to yourself to give Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew a try.

9 Responses to “Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew”

  1. Dotty

    I loved Mtn. Dew as a kid and now I get to enjoy it without all the extra calories.

  2. Lori Remmert

    I live in Midlothian, Texas. I would like to purchase this product here. I have had it in North Carolina and Florida. Please advise.

    Lori Remmert

  3. Carol Chapman

    We are fortunate to find the caffeine free diet dew here in KY but will be moving to Tx soon and while visiting there didn’t see any in the stores we visited.
    Is it sold anywhere in the McKinney TX area? thanks

  4. Amy Mingerink

    LOVE and Very addicted to Diet Dew. I know the caffeine free kind was previously sold – can’t seem to find it anymore. I live in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Any advice where I could get it?

  5. Cheryl Ribble

    I live in upstate New York. I have been looking, but have not been able to find Diet caffeine mt.dew. and, how can you tell wich is which?

  6. Cheryl Ribble

    Where can I find caffeine free diet dew, and how can I differentiate the two?

  7. Laura

    We live in Montana and have been looking for the caffeine free diet mtn dew and have been unsuccessful. Any advise on where we can purchase it?

  8. Ray Borske

    I live in Helena,MT we have not been able to find this product anywhere. Can you please give me a heads up on how to find some?
    Thank you,
    The Borske’s

  9. Lumpy

    Would love to see Caffeine free diet Dew in the Massachusetts area…not everyone drinks it for the caffeine…some drink it for the taste. I would drink a whole lot more of it if it was caffeine free. I have to limit myself to 1 can a day of the diet caffeinated stuff, which I have for lunch…if I have it any later I am up all night.

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