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Sugar Free Drinks - Diet Sierra Mist Ruby SplashHappy Memorial Day! We thought we would celebrate this important holiday with another reader-requested review. We received quite the response to our Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash review, and amongst them were several requests for a review of Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash. We actually had to look for a while before we found them in stores, but they have arrived and we’re hapy to make wishes come true. There seems to be some evidence that the Ruby Splash flavor will stick around as a full-time edition of Sierra Mist, unlike the Cranberry Splash. If you’re a fan of both, and want to raise you voice to have both as full-time options, make your opinion known at Sierra Mist’s Facebook Page.

If you like grapefruit, then you’re going to like Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash. We’re not generally fans of sugar free drinks sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium, but we’ve got to make an exception here. The distinct tartness of a pinch of grapefruit seems to completely mask the aspartame aftertaste. The marriage of the traditional lemon-lime flavor with the grapefruit flavor is a good one. In our opinion, this rendition of Sierra Mist is also much less carbonated than the others, which we think is a bonus. It’s cool and refreshing, and would make a great addition to those Memorial Day cook-outs this afternoon. With only 35mg of sodium and 65mg of potassium, it’s also a pretty healthy choice!

19 Responses to “Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash”

  1. Bob Lachut

    Have you stopped making the Ruby Red Splash Sierra Mist?????
    I can’t find it anywhere!

  2. silysavg

    We had it available in our area ( Greensburg / Latrobe, Pa. ) for about 2 months – Jan. and Feb. 2010. Now we do not see it anywhere. My wife really loved it. It’s the first soft drink I ever spent time trying to find on store shelves at other stores when no longer available at my regular grocery store. Anyway, it was available long enough to be become habit forming.

  3. Wendy

    I was so happy to read that Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Red Splash is going to stick around. Is that a fact? as I am still unable to find it anywhere in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Help PLEASE!

  4. Pete

    I recently finished off the last can of ruby splash just 2 days ago. I had forgotten about the last can in the crisper in the fridge in the garage. Now I wish I hadn’t run across it so soon. No one in my family knows I hoarded 2 12 packs out in the garage and was having them ever so secretly. It hasn’t shown back up on the shelves yet. It’s going to be a long summer.

  5. ana

    Please bring back Ruby Red Diet Sierra Mist….. It is my all time favorite drink.

  6. Chris George

    Why did you stop making the diet sierra mist ruby splash, it was great!! My daughter and I both loved it, but we can’t find it anywhere now. Please bring it back.

  7. Linda Pickenpaugh

    My sister gave me some of the Sierra Mist this summer. It was great, but I can’t find it in my area. Where can I find it?

  8. missingrubysplash

    Kansas City is missing Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Red!! The only drink that tastes sinful!! Please bring back this delicious soda!!!

  9. Curt

    We also loved the Diet Sierra Ruby Splash but cannot find it anywhere. Are you still making and distributing it? I am diabetic and it was one of the best sugar-free sodas available.

  10. Diane Koenig

    This Ruby Splash is awesome. I found it by accident and I am diabetic and just ecstatic. I found it at pic & save and am going tomorrow to hopefully stock up a few 12 packs. Please don’t ever stop making this.!!! Somehow you need to advertise this somewhere. I was just walking along looking for something different that was diet. I can’t eat grapefruit because of medication and the grapefruit flavor made me so happy.
    Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

  11. Mary K

    I love the diet Sierra Ruby Splash. I live in Iowa and could only find it at Super WalMart but now they quit selling it and I can’t find it anywhere. It was the best diet soda ever. I want it back. Please…. don’t stop making it.

  12. Joy Blum

    Where is diet Sierra mist ruby sold in Colorado? Can’t find it anymore

  13. Emma R

    where has all the diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash and diet Cranberry splash gone too. ND use to have some and we would like more. It is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Pat Weiser

    I just had found the Diet Ruby Red last month, decided it was the only soda I wanted EVER, and now it’s gone! I’m in St Paul MN. I would love to see it come back.

  15. Sonja Larson

    Loved the ruby red splash diet, can’t find it in central Wi. Please keep it available.

  16. Jen Lewis

    Cant find diet or regular ruby splash anywhere!!! Very frustrated!!! ONLY SODA I WILL DRINK!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  17. Judy Thompson

    My husband and I too love Diet Sierra Mist Ruby Red but can no longer find it! I like Sierra Mist, but I love Ruby Red!

  18. Judy Jorgensen

    Where is the Ruby Red? Diet Ruby Red Sierra Mist is my favorite ever. I’ve had to go to drinking Diet Cherry 7Up until I find it again! Please bring it back to Minneapolis.

  19. john r. sanders

    Please, please, please bring back Ruby Splash…most refreshing drink of summer or any season

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