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Low Calorie Snapple Noni Berry Juice Drink

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Low Calorie Snapple Noni Berry Juice DrinkToday’s review almost didn’t happen. We try to stay away from things like the Acai Berry craze, and the “Splenda causes cancer” craze, and the “you can reverse diabetes” craze. When we started testing Low Calorie Snapple Noni Berry Juice Drink we naturally did some research on Noni berries, since we had never heard of them. It turns out that the most colorful information can be obtained by reading the bottle or the Snapple website for Low Calorie Snapple Noni Berry Juice Drink, but reliable information about any health benefits from the Noni juice and the 55mg of EGCG in each serving is a little more difficult to find. We searched high and low, but did not really find anything to justify or heighten our concerns.

It turns out that you can find claims that these ingredients inhibit HIV, cure breast cancer, increase energy, raise metabolism, and reverse ankle-bearding. All right, we stole that last one from Colbert‘s “Cheating Death” segment, but these claims seem to be a little like the emails we get asking us to review the miracle Acai berry product that’s the secret to Oprah’s success. We’re a little skeptical. We don’t like to spread the memes. So you can imagine our dilemma when Low Calorie Snapple Noni Berry Juice Drink turned out to taste pretty good! Just because there are sleazy used car salesman out there doesn’t mean that all used cars are lemons does it?

This juice drink is the second product we’ve found that uses aspartame and sucralose for sweetness, and we’re wondering if this is going to be a trend in fruit drinks. The Noni berry provides a taste that reminds you of watermelon. This taste is strong enough that any aspartame bitterness is masked. It’s a refreshing taste that we found went surprisingly well with food. This drink does contain 30mg of caffeine, which we were not really excited about. It appears that Snapple wanted to appeal to the energy drink market with this drink, but we’re not sure that people looking for low carb juice drinks are looking for caffeine.

A serving of Low Calorie Snapple Noni Berry Juice Drink is one cup. Each cup provides ten calories, 35mg of sodium, and one gram of carbohydrate, which comes in the form of sugar. Though it’s only five percent juice, the taste certainly makes it seem like there’s more juice in there. If you’re not avoiding caffeine, we recommend you give this low carb drink a try.

5 Responses to “Low Calorie Snapple Noni Berry Juice Drink”

  1. Bryce

    Hello, I was reading over this review of the product and I’ve tried it. It is good, and I’ve been drinking it instead of pop, and seems much more healthier and all. I have also lost weight due to this because of its metabolism bossting powers. So I tend to like it as much as anything. Their is another snapple product that raises metabolism, it is called kiwi pear. The flavor isn’t all that good, but both products is what I sugest for dieting.

  2. marcella

    Love product but can never find it in stores? Where can i find it

  3. Jenny

    I just tried Snapple Noni Berry Refresh drink today (glad I bought 2 bottles!) and I LOVE it. Was looking for a low calorie, refreshing berry taste and I found it! Thanks for your hard work to bring the best flavors you can to us!

  4. Jackie Adams

    Where can I find Snapple Noni Berry juice in Tucson, AZ?

  5. Maria

    I love the Noni Berry Snapple. It is refreshing and tastes good. However, I do have a hard time finding places that actually carry this flavor.

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