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True Lemon Crystallized Citrus FlavorsWhen we first started reviewing this product we thought we were on our way to a negative review. We got three glasses of cold water, and mixed in the True Lemon, True Lime, and True Orange flavors. We took three sips. Then we said “what’s the point?” The Glucoholic has never been fond of just dropping citrus in water. It’s probably the acidity, but it just seems like tongue-kissing the terminals of a nine volt battery. Being from the south, our first stroke of genius was to add a pack of Splenda to each water. Now we were getting somewhere. Definitely drinkable, but still a little like that homemade lemonade you make in restaurants when they don’t have anything you want to drink. Then we tried a little in some Splenda-sweetened iced tea. Paydirt! This stuff really does taste like the natural flavors. The orange was especially intriguing. We felt a little silly, and then sillier again when we saw all the things you can do with these crystallized citrus flavors on the True Lemon website.

Nutritionally, there’s nothing to report except the exceptional 25% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C per packet. Zero of everything else means you can use it for many purposes without any worry. We noticed there’s a new True Lemon Naturally Sweet flavor, which has Truvia brand stevia already in the packet for sweetness. This should be pretty handy for those who just want to carry the packets to flavor their tea. Overall, we give these crystallized citrus flavors a good rating, and can’t wait to try some of their cooking and baking recipes.

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