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Celebrating Two Years With Our Sugar Free and Low Carb Friends

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We’re taking a break from the reviews to celebrate our two year anniversary!  What we’re really celebrating is the opportunity we’ve had to make so many new friends; and to share with and be encouraged by all of our readers.  We’re so fortunate to be able to provide a little knowledge and humor to diabetics, friends and families of diabetics, low carb lifestylers, and fitness enthusiasts every week.  It’s your readership and encouragement that makes this thing worth doing.  We thank you all.

We’re also looking forward to many more reviews, and to many new friendships, in the coming years.  We look forward to your comments, emails, and tweets.  We love the encouragement, and love even more the suggestions for making our site even more useful for you.  So keep them coming.  Thank you all!

2 Responses to “Celebrating Two Years With Our Sugar Free and Low Carb Friends”

  1. Jean

    These guys must have been on a marketing blitz for the new product. I found a bunch of other blogs with reviews of the same sixpack. What’s funny is that every one seems to say a different flavor is best.

    Oh well, guess I’ll have to try them myself.

  2. Laura

    Thanks for the great reviews!!

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