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Diet Vernor’s Ginger Soda

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Sugar Free Drinks - Diet Vernor’s Ginger SodaYou’re not going to hear us praising products sweetened with aspartame very often, but this time we feel we should make an exception. Diet Vernor’s Ginger Soda is one unique ginger ale. The labeling informs us that this ginger ale is barrel aged for three years, and that it has bold taste. “Bold taste” is one of those phrases that you usually ignore as quickly as when your boss says things as inspired as “total dedication” and “commitment to excellence.” We’re not big on the cliche’ ’round these parts, and that’s why we like to make special note when a company actually provides what they say they will. Bold taste is probably the tersest way to accurately describe the taste of this sugar free drink. The taste starts out refreshingly cool, and about the time you are expecting to notice the aspartame you get this powerful rush of ginger taste. And this taste sticks around. It’s got some kick. We could barely tell we were drinking a soda sweetened with aspartame.

Each twelve ounce serving provides 25mg of sodium and nothing else, other than powerful ginger taste. This sugar free soda is caffeine free. We’re glad we did not let the aspartame scare us away from this unique ginger ale. If you think you’d enjoy a ginger ale with a little something extra, then we encourage you to give this fine sugar free drink a try.

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