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Hunt’s Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding

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Sugar Free Snacks - Hunt’s Sugar Free Vanilla PuddingMost people love the smell of vanilla. It’s the most popular aroma in the world. We really love vanilla, and we were so glad that Hunt’s Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding caught our eye recently. It is a wonderful sugar free snack. These pudding packs are packed with sweet, rich, creamy sugar free pudding that is quite filling. Each bite starts off mellow, then peaks with a sensation that you are eating vanilla cake icing. The pudding also does not have to be refrigerated, which is great for those that want to keep some at their desk or that do not have refrigerators at work. We’re really happy to recommend these snacks.

Unfortunately, you might have a little difficulty finding them. We looked everywhere on the Hunt’s Snack Pack website and could not find them. We’ve purchased them twice recently at local grocery stores, so we’re a little confused as to why they are not available on the website. We’ll try to contact ConAgra Foods and see if they have an explanation. If you’ve tried these products, and especially if you’ve found them recently, leave a comment and let us know. It would be a shame if these snacks disappeared!

Hunt’s Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding snack packs contain 60 calories, 3 grams of fat, 100mg of sodium, and about 8 grams of digestible carbohydrate. Each cup also contains 10 percent of the recommended daily intake of calcium. These snacks are sweetened with sugar alcohol, acesulfame potassium, and Splenda. Those with milk allergies should avoid this product.

2 Responses to “Hunt’s Sugar Free Vanilla Pudding”

  1. Rose Ross

    If you freeze a pudding cup for about 2 hours, it becomes a soft
    “ice cream” consistency! Yum

  2. T Olivia

    I buy these all of the time but recently started a program where I am counting calories on livestrong. They were listed on livestrong as 70 cals and I went to the snack pack website to double check but they were not on their website AT ALL. Very curious. I just bought this last pack on 02/14/14 Valentines Day at Walmart. I’m so confused as to why Hunt’s would not be shouting from therooftops about these their my fav!

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