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Archer Farms Diet Black Cherry Cream Soda

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Sugar Free Drinks - Archer Farms Diet Black Cherry Cream SodaOver a year ago we did a review of Archer Farms Diet Orange Cream Soda. We enjoyed that soda so much that we kept an eye out for more diet flavors from Archer Farms, and picked up a four-pack of the Diet Black Cherry Cream Soda flavor to review. After consuming half of a bottle we were horrified to notice that the back of the label reads BEST BY 23/AUG/2009. Awesome! It’s kind of difficult to fairly judge a product’s taste when all you can think about is that product tasting old, so we won’t try. A description of the product’s mature taste would be “not enough black cherry soda, and too much cream soda.” There was also some pretty bad aftertaste uncommon to sodas sweetened with sucralose, but maybe it was fermentation. We’re really not trying to knock Archer Farms’ products – we tend to like them very much.

However, the comments and emails we got in response to our review of the Diet Orange Cream Soda indicated that people get very frustrated with the hit-or-miss nature of finding well-stocked Archer Farms products in Target stores. It doesn’t seem to be improving since now you can’t even count on what’s on the shelves being fresh. Maybe we should have been more careful; but seriously, when was the last time you checked the expiration date on a bottle of soda?

We’re going to skip the nutritional information for this one since we don’t recommend drinking stale soda. If you’re a glutton for punishment, or just able to read expiration dates better than we can, here’s a hint – Archer Farms Diet Black Cherry Cream Soda has the same nutritional information as the Diet Orange Cream Soda. We will say this – if we develop any kind of web-slinging, underwater breathing, or hulking up abilities from drinking this potion then we’ll gladly retract our previous statements and fully endorse this product!

Federal Trade Commission Endorsement and Testimonial Guidelines Compliance Statement: Target has in no way paid for this non-endorsement. No cash or in-kind payment was received from Target by It might have made sense for Target to pay not to do this review; but, unfortunately, that did not happen either.

4 Responses to “Archer Farms Diet Black Cherry Cream Soda”

  1. Laura

    I purchased some of the Diet Orange last year – it was the first time I’ve taken soda back to the store and asked for a refund!

  2. Elizabeth Barry

    Good afternoon!

    I am working as a contractor with Lynne Scott, MA, RD, LD updating nutritional information on diet beverages. We will be compiling a list of diet beverages and providing it to her clients.

    Kindly provide information on your products via return email to:

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Elizabeth Barry

  3. Vanessa

    I wonder if this is a Target ‘norm’. I recently bought some ‘Simply Grapefruit’ juice from Target and realized once I got back to work that it had expired a month prior. Apparently Target does not pledge to provide us with fresh products.

  4. ruth frais

    where to buy in the saginaw-midland-bay city, michigan area

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