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Grape Powerade Zero

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Sugar Free Drinks - Grape Powerade ZeroOver a year ago we reviewed Strawberry Powerade Zero. We’ve been drinking it pretty regularly around here, but lately have been trying to get out of several ruts at the same time. What better opportunity could there be to try another great Powerade Zero flavor? Well that’s just what we did. Grape Powerade Zero did not disappoint! This beverage had the same smooth, thirst quenching qualities as its strawberry sister. The grape flavor was excellent and less syrupy than some of its competition. We put the taste right up there with Grape Propel, and this is a good thing, since one or the other is usually sold out at our local grocery. Great taste with less despair – always a good combination.

The awesome quote on the shoulder of this bottle proclaims “Believe it. What you hold in your hand is indeed zero calories. Yeah, that’s right. You can stay hydrated with electrolytes + B Vitamins… without adding calories. How you like them strawberries?” This is ironic, since this flavor is grape. Marketing folks are so clever.

The nutrition information for the grape flavor is exactly the same as for the strawberry flavor. For review, the highlights are: zero calories, zero carbs, 55 mg of sodium, and 35mg of potassium.

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  1. jm

    I have been drinking these Powerade Zeros for years. My favorites are Green (Lemon/Lime) and Orange. I can’t seem to find those anywhere but Walmart, and the ones I do find in the grocery store – strawberry, fruit punch, Blue – I don’t like at all. Purple is OK.

    My fear is a) someday they’ll find out that Splenda/sucralose is bad for you after all and b) all the other stuff in it is bad for you as well.

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