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Propel Grape

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
Low Carb Drinks

Low Carb Drinks - Propel GrapePeople have been asking us for months why we’ve not reviewed any of the Propel products. We’ve actually been drinking Propel longer than we’ve been doing these reviews. Unfortunately, the first few years in the Propel history were marked with lots of flavor changes. This happened so often that as soon as we settled on a favorite flavor it would disappear. Late last year we started hearing that 2009 would hold big changes for Propel, so we decided to hold off until those changes seemed stable. We’re finally to that point.

We’ve been purchasing Propel Grape for months now. The new bottling is nicer and more eco-friendly, and now that some customer feedback has led Pepsi to get back to the original sweetener mix, we’re very glad to say that Propel Grape is an awesome low carb sports drink. Actually, we’ve never been disappointed with a Propel drink at all. We do think the grape flavor has now risen to the top of the group however. It’s got a really smooth quality with the right blend of fruit flavor and sweetness. Nothing beats it for rehydrating, especially when it’s ice cold. We highly recommend this low carb sports drink.

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Old Orchard Healthy Balance Grape Juice

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
Low Carb Drinks

Low Carb Drinks - Old Orchard Healthy Balance Grape JuiceFirst off we would like to send out a special Thank You to all of our nation’s Vets on this important holiday! The Glucoholic appreciates you all! A couple of months ago we reviewed Old Orchard Healthy Balance Apple Juice. We’ve noticed more and more of Old Orchard’s juices popping up on store shelves and have been eager to sample another flavor. We took the grape flavor for a spin and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t quite the grand slam that the apple flavor was, but it’s great. We found that it tasted more authentic than some of the other overly-sweetened brands. If you like grape juice, you should give Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance Grape Juice a try.

The nutrition information for the grape flavor is slightly different than the apple flavor. Each eight ounce serving contains 32 calories, only 5mg of sodium, and 8 grams of sugar. Each serving is also loaded with 75mg of potassium and all the Vitamin C you will need in a day. Sweetness is augmented with Splenda and acesulfame potassium, and this product is gluten free.

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GoLightly Sugar Free Cinnamon Hard Candy

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
Low Carb Snacks, Sugar Free Snacks

Sugar Free Snacks - GoLightly Sugar Free Cinnamon Hard CandyHalloween is usually one of those tough days for The Glucoholic. Sweet, tasty, forbidden candy is everywhere. In an attempt to get our minds off of all the temptations we decided to partake in some of the great low carb menu items at the local Cracker Barrel. This turned out to be a great idea, especially since we found another great sugar free snack to review – GoLightly Sugar Free Cinnamon Candy. So come on up to the front door, ring the doorbell, say “trick or treat”, and be prepared for a great sugar free candy idea.

These individually wrapped hard candies are very flavorful. The cinnamon taste is wonderful and not overbearing. If you prefer your cinnamon treats to relax you as opposed to causing facial distortions, then this is the candy for you. The cinnamon flavor lasts for the duration of the candy, and these are pretty substantial candies. We were satisfied with just one.

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