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Diet Cherry 7UP Antioxidant

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Sugar Free Drinks - Diet Cherry 7UP AntioxidantThis week we’re taste testing the new Diet Cherry 7UP Antioxidant. The antioxidant comes in the form of ten percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin E. This is another fitness play that unfortunately falls short because Dr. Pepper/Seven Up chose to use aspartame to sweeten this drink. As the first drops hit your tongue you detect the familiar lemon and lime flavors of 7UP, and then the cherry flavor hits you and you’re sure you’re really going to like this drink. Then the aspartame rains on your parade with its favorite weapon – horrible aftertaste. This soft drink would have been so good with Splenda as a sweetener. If you are one of the chosen few that has been able to get used to aspartame aftertaste, then this sugar free drink is a definite buy. For everyone else, be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming review of 7UP products that are sweetened with Splenda.

Nutritionally, Diet Cherry 7Up Antioxidant is not bad. Each eight ounce serving contains only 30mg of sodium. The Vitamin E is a definite plus, but does not provide enough incentive to overlook the aspartame aftertaste.

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  1. michael

    I would love to buy some but the wap-mart I shop at in ssallisaw,Oklahoma don’t have any so I force to buy another product if there were diet cherry 7 up I definitely buy it please stock this store their is a lot of people here that would buy it they love it also.

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