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Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar Free Syrup

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Sugar Free Foods - Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar Free SyrupOur regular readers are probably beginning to notice that The Glucoholic has a serious addiction to Cracker Barrel. It started some time ago when Cracker Barrel introduced their low carb menu options. It doesn’t hurt that those menu items taste great. Add to that a country store that periodically carries interesting sugar free products, and you’ve got what we like to call a no-brainer spot to grab some grub and look for some low carb goodies.

We recently had the opportunity to sample Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar Free Syrup from Cracker Barrel. We found this syrup to have exceptional maple flavor. Some syrups, especially the low carb variety, are lacking in the flavor department. It’s fine to make sure that the sweetness is adequate, but no good breakfast syrup is lacking when it comes to maple flavor. This syrup is light and crisp and gives you the feeling that you woke up to breakfast on a New England farm. If you like breakfast food as much as we do, we encourage you to head to your nearest Cracker Barrel and pick up a bottle.

Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar Free Syrup contains only ten calories per 45mL serving. That serving will also provide you with zero fat, 65mg of sodium, 3 grams of digestible carbohydrate, and 25% of the recommended daily intake of several B vitamins. This syrup is sweetened with Splenda and is gluten free. We hope you enjoy it. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

2 Responses to “Maple Grove Farms Vermont Sugar Free Syrup”

  1. Linda Christiansen

    I really like this syrup as well after trying many others. However, is it the same a Maple Grove sugar free you find at the grocery store?

  2. doglover42

    I spilled some of this the other morning and my pooch came over and licked it all up before I could get a towel. I hope its not bad for dogs (especialy small ones).

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