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Talking Rain Twist Wild Strawberry Water

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Low Carb Drinks - Talking Rain Twist Wild Strawberry WaterSometimes when we review a product we’re left asking the question “Why?” Talking Rain Twist Wild Strawberry Water had us asking this question over and over again. Question one: why another flavored water? Question two: why put two grams of sugar and nine calories in a flavored water just to end up with a flavored water with almost no flavor? Question three: why can we buy the wild strawberry flavor in stores, but cannot find it on your website? Question four: why did we spend a buck fifty-nine plus tax on nineteen ounces of water? There are no good answers to these questions we fear.

This water was a real disappointment. We noticed that Talking Rain is very proud to be on the organic crazy-train barreling through an affluent neighborhood near you. It is entirely possible that they can be successful at selling expensive, uninspiring waters to those willing to “pay extra” for the organic label. However, we suspect that walking over to your sink and drawing a tall glass of non-organic municipal water will be just as tasty, and just as healthy to boot. Don’t bother with this one.

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