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KFC Grilled Double Down

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Low Carb Foods - KFC Grilled Double DownThe KFC Grilled Double Down. The Glucoholic likes most of his food from the four basic food groups – Beef, Chicken, Pork, and All Other Meats. This “sandwich” has two out of four, which ain’t bad. We ordered the grilled Double Down to avoid the carbs in the breading. We also ordered ours without the special sauce, for two reasons. First, here be hidden carbohydrates in many cases. Second, The Glucoholic just could not bring himself to eat something called “the Colonel’s Sauce.” The sandwich weighed in at about the size we expected, with about the expected amount of grease. As the first bite touches the tongue, you immediately notice the Double Down’s fatal flaw – too much salt. We’re talking way too much salt. We were inspired to produce the following list of Top 5 Things Saltier Than The KFC Double Down:

Top 5 Things Saltier Than The KFC Double Down
1. Pacific Ocean
2. Atlantic Ocean
3. Indian Ocean
4. Southern Ocean
5. Arctic Ocean

Seriously, this sandwich would have been so much better without so much salt. The burning sensation on your tongue for the following four hours was enough to warrant a bad review; but to ruin something as precious as an all meat and cheese sandwich, well that’s enough to guarantee one. Don’t buy this sandwich if you don’t really like salt.

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  1. Mason

    HAH! Thanks for the laugh. I’ll probably try this once… but like you, will skip on the questionable Colonel’s Sauce.

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