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Sugar Free Drinks - Hint Blackberry Flavored WaterWe really hate doing negative reviews, but here comes another one! Hint Blackberry Flavored Water was totally uninspiring. It really baffles us that a new flavored water with horrible flavor hits the market seemingly every day. You would think that simple economics would bring about the end to this trend. A flavored water is pretty bad when you can say “I would rather drink plain old tap water because it tastes much better.” This water tastes like you took a glass of tap water, sprinkled in a few grains of any blackberry flavored powdered candy, and added a few drops of battery acid for flavor. In possibly the biggest blunder ever executed for a review, we actually went back and purchased another flavor thinking we might have just picked a particularly bad one to begin with. No dice.

Another thing that cracked us up about Hint water is that every bottle’s label contains the phrase “Unsweetened Essence Water”. Slipping a little too close to homeopathy quackery for our taste here. It’s false advertising either way – we couldn’t find the essence of any distinguishable flavor in this water. Besides, if The Glucoholic was in to spending money on things that were totally useless, he would certainly order some “Essence of the Ability to Date Salma Hayek” on the Internet before wasting any on Hint flavored water. Here’s a hint – don’t buy this water.

6 Responses to “Hint Blackberry Flavored Water”

  1. Laura

    Merry Christmas – hope you are ok!!

  2. r. williams

    I love this water and totally disagree with this review.

  3. Liz

    I totally disagree. I decided to go soda free and tap water and bottled water tastes like dirt to me. But this totally refreshes and takes care of my sweet tooth. Totally willing to pay $2/ bottle!

  4. Joe

    I was trying to figure out how to make something similar when I stumbled upon this review, couldn’t disagree more, Hint is delicious.

  5. Lynette R

    i actually like hint quite a bit. you should do a review on those deer park flavored sparkling waters, i’ve been addicted to those recently

  6. Anon0000

    Don’t drink this water. My friend used to work for that company and they don’t pay their employees on time. Since he got the water for free, we replaced our regular water with the hint water and all of our friends got serious migraines. And we drink ALOT of water. Like 8 bottles a day. I had a headache nonstop for 6 days. I got rest, always eat well, bowed down to finally taking headache medicine and NOTHING WORKED. I don’t even drink soda, caffeine, candy…I am very healthy. On day 6 I drank 2 liters of smart water and before 30 minutes my headache was gone. I have never had another hint ever again and I haven’t had any headaches either. A lot of my friends coworkers quit that company because they don’t let their staff take pictures of black people or Mexicans and they don’t pay people on time. Most people in this economy don’t have almost $2 to spend on one small bottle of hint water and so they probably won’t drink enough to cause migraines. But if water causes headaches, think of the small doses of non-water and whatever is in it you are feeding yourself over time. Something is obviously wrong. Water should not cause headaches that another pure water can get rid of what proper rest and food and even headache medicine could not get rid of. If you want, drink 8-12 bottles of hint water a day – and no other liquids, no other water, soda, juice, nothing. And you’ll get a headache too. Do yourself a favor and drink plain water.

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