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SoBe Honey Green Tea

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
Low Carb Drinks, Sugar Free Drinks

Sugar Free Drinks - SoBe Honey Green TeaThis green tea is a little bit of a change for SoBe. First, they’ve chosen to use plastic for this bottle. It looks like a traditional SoBe glass bottle, but will probably weather a fall to the kitchen floor a little better than its predecessor. Second, this tea is sweetened with sugar alcohol and stevia. We were excited to see what impact this would have on the sweetness of this green tea.

Overall, green tea lovers will probably not like this drink. It’s probably most easily describable as uninspired. There is adequate sweetness, but the green tea flavor and honey are very weak. There doesn’t really appear to be much in the bottle except water. The green tea was certainly more detectable than the honey, but that’s not saying much. We were really disappointed given the pleasant experiences we’ve had with SoBe beverages in the past. We could only recommend this to a person who just does not like green tea and is looking for something not as strong as other green tea drinks on the market.

Hint Blackberry Flavored Water

Monday, May 31st, 2010
Low Carb Drinks, Sugar Free Drinks

Sugar Free Drinks - Hint Blackberry Flavored WaterWe really hate doing negative reviews, but here comes another one! Hint Blackberry Flavored Water was totally uninspiring. It really baffles us that a new flavored water with horrible flavor hits the market seemingly every day. You would think that simple economics would bring about the end to this trend. A flavored water is pretty bad when you can say “I would rather drink plain old tap water because it tastes much better.” This water tastes like you took a glass of tap water, sprinkled in a few grains of any blackberry flavored powdered candy, and added a few drops of battery acid for flavor. In possibly the biggest blunder ever executed for a review, we actually went back and purchased another flavor thinking we might have just picked a particularly bad one to begin with. No dice.

Another thing that cracked us up about Hint water is that every bottle’s label contains the phrase “Unsweetened Essence Water”. Slipping a little too close to homeopathy quackery for our taste here. It’s false advertising either way – we couldn’t find the essence of any distinguishable flavor in this water. Besides, if The Glucoholic was in to spending money on things that were totally useless, he would certainly order some “Essence of the Ability to Date Salma Hayek” on the Internet before wasting any on Hint flavored water. Here’s a hint – don’t buy this water.

Vidration Lemon Lime Vitamin Water

Friday, April 30th, 2010
Low Carb Drinks, Sugar Free Drinks

Sugar Free Drinks - Vidration Lemon Lime Vitamin WaterWe bet you’re probably thinking “sweet mother of pearl, is The Glucoholic about to go on another flavored water tirade?” Be of good cheer. We’ve finally found a flavored water that makes all the bad experiences with other flavored waters float on down the river. Vidration Lemon Lime Vitamin Water is one of the best flavored waters we’ve ever tested. Let’s start with the packaging. Vidration flavors come in simple bottles which highlight the appealing colors that represent each flavor. The color of the Lemon Lime water is an awesome neon green color that is so sexy that we wish we could paint the official Glucoholic team van* this color. Our only complaint with the packaging is that the ingredients list is very tiny. On the other hand, it’s got no carbs and tastes great. Do we really care what’s in it? OK, we care. The good news is that we like what’s inside as well.

Speaking of taste – Wow! This stuff is great. The Lemon Lime flavor reminds you of those great green colored FlaVorIce pops you buy in liquid form and put in the freezer. The sweetness is perfect, which should not be a surprise since this flavored water is sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium. It’s got 5mg of sodium and zero of everything else you don’t want. Add 100% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C and 20% for several B Vitamins, and you’re talking about a pretty healthy, very tasty flavored water. We can’t wait to try the other flavors.

*actual Glucoholic team van does not exist

Talking Rain Twist Wild Strawberry Water

Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Low Carb Drinks

Low Carb Drinks - Talking Rain Twist Wild Strawberry WaterSometimes when we review a product we’re left asking the question “Why?” Talking Rain Twist Wild Strawberry Water had us asking this question over and over again. Question one: why another flavored water? Question two: why put two grams of sugar and nine calories in a flavored water just to end up with a flavored water with almost no flavor? Question three: why can we buy the wild strawberry flavor in stores, but cannot find it on your website? Question four: why did we spend a buck fifty-nine plus tax on nineteen ounces of water? There are no good answers to these questions we fear.

This water was a real disappointment. We noticed that Talking Rain is very proud to be on the organic crazy-train barreling through an affluent neighborhood near you. It is entirely possible that they can be successful at selling expensive, uninspiring waters to those willing to “pay extra” for the organic label. However, we suspect that walking over to your sink and drawing a tall glass of non-organic municipal water will be just as tasty, and just as healthy to boot. Don’t bother with this one.

OhYeah! Chocolate Shake

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
Low Carb Drinks

Low Carb Drinks - OhYeah! Chocolate ShakeLet’s talk marketing before we get to the 32 grams of protein in this chocolate shake. When we saw this nutritional shake in the health food aisle at the local grocery store we shouted “Oh Yeah!” It was the natural thing to do. It was right there on the product. Score one for the marketing department. There was a sense of excitement that could only have been eclipsed by former professional wrestler Randy “The Macho Man” Savage jumping out and yelling “Oh Yeah!” along with us.

We really feel that the fine folks at Integrated Sports Science have missed a major opportunity by not securing the services of Mr. Savage as a spokesperson for OhYeah! Chocolate Shake. For crying out loud, did we mention that this stuff has 32 grams of protein yet?

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