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Atkins Advantage Chocolate Royale Shake

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Atkins Advantage Chocolate Royale ShakeIf you’re like The Glucoholic you’re always on the run, and sometimes you have a tendency to skip meals. Meal replacement shakes have become quite popular for filling the nutritional gap. There are tons of these on the market, with many being offered by diet and nutritional name brands. The Atkins Advantage Chocolate Royale Shake is a clear winner in this category.

Now before you become concerned that The Glucoholic is going to turn this website into an Atkins Diet fanboy site let him say that The Glucoholic does not endorse any particular diet program or methodology and that reporting about these kinds of products will always be opinionated and based entirely on how good they taste compared to how much sugar they put in. In the case of the Atkins Advantage Chocolate Royale Shake this ratio is quite acceptable.

Most of the shakes in this genre have a little something that continuously reminds you that you’re not at your favorite restaurant enjoying a thick, tasty milkshake. The Chocolate Royale’s heavy dark chocolate flavor comes as close as you are going to get to the real thing and is quite filling. Atkins also has a Chocolate Delight flavor that is quite good, but for the real chocolate lover the Chocolate Royale is the best choice. Be sure to chill these things adequately because they provide the best texture and taste when they are ice cold and shaken well.

Update: This shake has been replaced with a shake named Atkins Dark Chocolate Royale Shake. We’ve tasted it and it appears to be the same shake.

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