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Russell Stover Sugar Free Pecan Delights

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Russell Stover Sugar Free Pecan DelightsDelightful is what comes to mind when you put one of these candies in your mouth. These candies are so chewy that the delight seems to last forever. Pecans can sometimes be bitter and overwhelming in a candy, but Russel Stover has gotten this one right with a perfect blend of chocolate, pecan, and caramel. Serving size is three pieces, but just one is a pretty good little snack.

On the nutritional side these candies have a lot of sugar alcohol, so the usual laxative effect warning is sufficient. Three candies will get you 15 grams of fat, of which 7 grams are saturated, along with 0 grams of trans fat. You also get around 5 grams of cholesterol, 40mg of sodium, 4 grams of fiber, 18 grams of sugar alcohol, and 3 grams of protein. Food allergy information is provided on the package, so be sure to check that before purchase if you have allergies.

You can purchase this and other sugar free products from Russell Stover’s online store. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any nutritional information available on the site.

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