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Stewart’s Diet Root Beer

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Stewart’s Diet Root BeerStewart’s sodas are the kind of sodas you love to have as a treat in your favorite malt shop or burger joint. They provide a fun and tasty alternative to your usual “stuck with whichever choice the owners made between the two beverage behemoths” choices. The Glucoholic recently came across Stewart’s Diet Root Beer and jumped at the chance to sample it. The taste is not very strong for a root beer, but that’s to be expected because many root beers really seem to power up the sweetness with massive amounts of sugar. This root beer is sweetened with aspartame and really begs to be sweetened with Splenda, which would greatly improve it’s flavor and probably cut out the slight aspartame aftertaste.

Nutritionally there’s almost nothing to complain about with this diet root beer. Serving size is one bottle and that contains only 25mg of sodium and that’s it. No calories, caffeine, or anything else. If Cadbury Schweppes would just make the switch from aspartame to Splenda then this root beer would be a certified home run.

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